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Two-Man Advantage (Seattle Marauders, #1) PDF Epub Two Man Advantage Seattle Marauders, 1 Author Riley Shane Terrapin Info.co.uk When Professor Nathan Troy Walks Into His Cabin And Finds A Naked Man In His Bed, He Figures His One Man Vacation To Snowy Lake Tahoe Can T Get Any Worse It S Not That Nate Doesn T Appreciate The Viewhe D Just Prefer He Knew The Man In Question.Kyle Harper Has Come To Lake Tahoe To Escape The Memories Of His Former Life One Where He Was A Star Hockey Player Until A Career Ending Injury Shattered His Dreams Forever All Kyle Wants Is Peace, And He Certainly Isn T Going To Get It With A Prickly, Stubborn Man Waking Him Up, Insisting That Kyle Is In His Cabin.An Accidental Double Booking And A Wary Compromise Puts The Two In Close Quarters Attraction Heats Things Up, But Nate S Not About To Let His Libido Lead Him Into Making The Mistake Of Getting Involved With His Unexpected Roommate Kyle, However, Seems Determined To Get Under His Skin At Every Turn Both Men Soon Learn That They Can T Outrun Desire But Lust Is Easy It S Opening Their Hearts That S Hard Each Will Have To Let Go Of The Past Before They Can Take Advantage Of The Future The Two Of Them Could Have Together Publisher S Note This Book Contains Explicit Sexual Content, Graphic Language, And Situations That Some Readers May Find Objectionable Male Male Sexual Practices.

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    Two Man Advantage is a rocky romance that leaves nothing hanging, and closes all of the loops At no point in the story did I feel either overwhelmed with information, misinformed or left behind Based around a mountain getaway gone wrong, the lovely slow build on steamy pages is hot enou

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    3.5 starsThis is an angst free instant love type of story between a Literature Professor, who is just being dumped by his lover, and an ex hockey player who is drowning in alcohol just to forget the pain Personally, I enjoy the build up BUT I prefer this story to be a bit longer Why Because I don

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    This was a re read after two years I originally gave it 5 stars but dropped it down to 4 stars because of the super annoying insta love I guess that bugs menow then it did two years ago Otherwise, this was a hot romance between two opposites attract MCs who knew how to burn up ...

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    4.5 stars Two Man Advantage is the first in a series about former NHL hockey players In this book, Riley Shane introduces to two deeply conflicted men Nathan Troy was supposed to be in Lake Tahoe with his lover, but right before they were to leave, the guy sent him a text message breaking up with him Nathan is upset

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    Original review hereNate and Kyle both end up at the Tahoe resort running from something Past pain, hurt and heartache But regardless of what they re trying to escape these two wonderful heroes are fighters When something good comes along, no matter how improbable it seems, they re both willing to take a chance To grab life a

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    3.5 StarsThis is a fairly short story that seems to cram ALOT in it Actually thats the best kind of short stories isnt it The two main characters are hot together and have some serious chemistry between them that just seems to leap of the page The author was also talented enough that they managed to do what MANY MANY authors fail.Riley

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    Having just been dumped via text message, Nathan Troy, an uptight English professor, finds a drunken but sexy ex hockey player Kyle Harper asleep in what he thought was his cabin at Lake Tahoe What follows is very enjoyable romance between the two men ...

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    2.5 stars Ok m m romance about a guy who gets dumped via text message as he s supposed to be heading off on a romantic weekend getaway with his boyfriend Going on his own, he discovers there s a naked man asleep...

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    4 starsOriginally reviewed for Joyfully JayDumped via text while waiting for his boyfriend at the airport so they could leave for a vacation celebrating their two year anniversary, Nathan Troy heads alone to South Lake Tahoe for a week of quiet and healing in a private cabin What he finds is a naked, drunk, albeit sexy, man in the bed of his cabin After a confronta

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    3.5 starsNate is having a rough day He s planned a get away in the snow with his lover for their 2 year anniversary when he s dumped at the airport He goes anyway only to find a naked hottie in the bed of the cabin he rented Although the guy is hot, and even in a drunken stupor, grabs him and kisses him, Nate does NOT do casual sex and not on the day he s been dumped Kyle is

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