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El Narco: Inside Mexico's Criminal Insurgency The World Has Watched Stunned At The Bloodshed In Mexico Thirty Thousand Murdered Since Police Chiefs Shot Within Hours Of Taking Office Mass Graves Comparable To Those Of Civil Wars Car Bombs Shattering Storefronts Headless Corpses Heaped In Town Squares And It Is All Because A Few Americans Are Getting High Or Is It The United States Throws Black Hawk Helicopters And Drug Agents At The Problem But In Secret, Washington Is Confused And Divided About What To Do Who Are These Mysterious Figures Tearing Mexico Apart They Wonder What Is El Narco El Narco Draws The First Definitive Portrait Of Mexico S Drug Cartels And How They Have Radically Transformed In The Last Decade El Narco Is Not A Gang It Is A Movement And An Industry Drawing In Hundreds Of Thousands From Bullet Ridden Barrios To Marijuana Growing Mountains And It Has Created Paramilitary Death Squads With Tens Of Thousands Of Men At Arms From Guatemala To The Texas Border Journalist Ioan Grillo Has Spent A Decade In Mexico Reporting On The Drug Wars From The Front Lines This Piercing Book Joins Testimonies From Inside The Cartels With Firsthand Dispatches And Unsparing Analysis The Devastation May Be South Of The Rio Grande, El Narco Shows, But America Is Knee Deep In This Conflict

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    Is this the most beautifully crafted writing about Mexico s drug war no For that it would be better to seek out Charles Bowden or John Gibler It is, however, the most complete and well synthesized history of the Mexican drug trade available in the English language An

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    This encompasses an excellent historical review of narco crime in Mexico how it evolved and becameandvicious.Mexico has been used as a trampoline author s expression for passage of drugs from Columbia to the U.S With the suppression of the cartels or drug lords in Columbia nam

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    click here to read a really long review read on through for the short one.El Narco is truly one of the best books of nonfiction I ve read this year I would definitely recommend this to anyone who s even remotely interested in the topic I noticed that while looking at reviews I found one

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    A concise and thoughtful book that provides an excellent background into the violence that has gripped the border as the drug wars have escalated in the recent years.

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    The Death Trade The dead can t cry out for justice It s the duty of the living to do so for them Mexico s drug cartels After Islamic terrorists, they re quite possibly the most powerful and dangerous criminals on the planet Hundreds of millions of dollars have allowed them to buy the firepower necessary to

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    More than Society PermitsWhenever I review books about the Drug War, the carnage in Mexico, few seem to care Is it the ostrich with its head in the sand syndrome, or is it the I got my blow, my weed Now get off my back, mentality Perhaps it s my pedantic tone I try not to rail, but when one is familiar with the tort

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    I have a thing for non fiction history books with a fair amount of violence..I liked this book The beginning and end of the book lack a degree of pacing but I thought the amount of research was impressive This portion of our recent history is under reported or sound bite fodder on the evening news, but there is a good amount

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    Very informative book about the Mexican drug war Written by a journalist, it has the feel of an extremely long but interesting magazine article on the history and evolution of the Drug Trade in the Americas Would not describe as a book that couldn t be put down, as the narrative does not include characters you follow get attached to Th

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    I picked this book because it was the most lauded of the recent crop of English language books about the Mexican Cartels I was not disappointed I have been following this issue for some time now through both newspaper investigations andsystematic assessments like those at InsightCrime and Small Wars Journal But while the gruesomeness and the sev

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    Of course it s a book on Narcos, so it shows the worst side of Mexico But it s brilliantly researched, the facts are epic enough by themselves, and the rise of both the gangs as well as the religious goddess in Mexico reminds me a lot of back home

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