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By Chance Met A Chance Meeting Heralds The Convergence Of Two Heretofore Wildly Divergent FatesFrom The Moment He Laid Eyes On The Handsome Lord Of Ilmaren, Naeth Orosse Fell Head Over Heels In Infatuation With Him And After That First Meeting In The Middle Of A Tavern Brawl In The Dual Gendered Realm Of Ylandre, Reijir Arthanna Did Not Forget The Orphaned Youth Who Came To His Aid Unasked When Fate Brings Them Together Anew, Reijir Becomes Naeth S Guardian, Which Proves Both Blessing And Bane When Their Mutual Attraction Is Guilelessly Nursed By One And Distrustfully Downplayed By The Other Between Attempting To Ignore Naeth S Artless Overtures And Suppressing Feelings He Had Long Disavowed, Reijir Has His Hands Full But Than A Title And Duty Were Forced On This Enigmatic Cousin Of Ylandre S King A Less Than Benevolent Past Has Left Its Imprint On Reijir Who Is As Known For His Cynical Outlook On Life As He Is For His Exotic Features And Proficiency Between The Sheets Convincing Him To Risk His Heart In Love Is A Battle Experienced Deira Than Naeth Have Waged And Invariably Lost Contains Hermaphrodism And Explicit Homoerotic Sexual Encounters

About the Author: Eressë

Eress has always enjoyed reading and writing historical fantasy Indeed, her pen name is taken from the elvish language J.R.R Tolkien created for his fantasy epic The Lord of the Rings, a favorite of hers since way back when However, most of her stories turned into M M romances because the male leads hadchemistry with each other than with the females Why she wrote them that way she doesn t know But this penchant for M M fantasy romance became the wellspring of her series Chronicles of Ylandre Eress lives in Southeast Asia with her husband, three sons and one dog She also likes to cook and bake and is a professed chocoholic But her first love is and always will be writing stories Blog Tales by Eress

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    12 19 15 Series RE READ in preparation for newest book, coming December 21, woot woot Original Review4 StarsSo, I m completely obsessed with this series right now Seriously.Obsessed.Like as in the Tom Cruise styleI m so obsessed with Scientology I shall laugh maniacallykind of obsessed I know this series kind ofdifferentin what s

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    Still love the world of Ylandre While this one was good, and who doesn t like a duke and his ward pining for each other, the miscommunications multiple times annoyed me.

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    Miscommunication andA Damsel in Distress.3 StarsI hate that theme.Naeth, felt like a 10year old character I did not heart him.Reijir he was a hot tempered mess kick ass lovely MC I heart him.This world is fabulously crafted, Naeth was a bumbling mess at times, and I adored him Miscommunication andA Damsel in Distress.3 StarsI hate that theme.Na

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    3.5 StarsI mentioned in an update how much I loved how events in the other books are mentioned here but aren t completely rehashed because I hate when that happens and of course the writing is engaging as are the characters But it very much read like a rehashed MF historical romance with the pining, dedicated, orphaned virginal ingenue who runs off tw

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    This review was originally written for The Romance Reviews and can also be found there.This is the third book in the Ylandre series, an elaborate world of titles, arranged marriages and male pregnancy It follows in the footsteps of its prequels, with great characterization, vast world spread and a solid story.Naeth lost his family in a fire and ended up work

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    Boring as f ck And here I thought Lassen was a chick with a dick Well, at least Lassen was a normal, romantic chickNaeth here was of the worst kindTSTL i.e too stupid to live He was one of those chicks whose sheer idiocy leads them headfirst into dangerous situations, from which the hero saves themJust kill me now I hated Naeth with passion Bland, blushing, stutter

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    I believe that this was the best book in the series so far It was cleanly written without any bog down and had all the members of the previous books in it I liked Naeth and Keiran a lot Reijir was very noble but needed a boot in the ass to wake up from the hurt Darion gave him 25 years ago Both Kieran and Reijir were mistreated by their ada and were each damaged in their

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    It s been a long time since I ve read either Sacred Fate or Hallowed Bond I enjoy this series very much because of the world that s been created and the uniqueness of the stories One thing that Eress is always able to do is make me love her characters whether they are sweet and innocent or cold and mean With this story, Naeth is the sweet, innocent one while Reijir is cold and s

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    3.0 StarsReijir Arthanna, the Lord of Ilmaren, is a survivor of a troubled past Abused by his sire and betrayed by his first love, Reijir has not risked his heart in years and has no intention of doing so until Naeth Orosse enters his life During a tavern brawl, Naeth saves Reijir from a head bashing When fate brings them together again, Reijir returns the favor and becomes the the orp

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    Ok I have a confession to make When a story is done well, I have a weakness for too stupid to live characters Boy, do I love this story Naeth is a naive, blinkers on young man who sees absolutely no wrong in his hero, Reijir Meanwhile, the rest of the readers are probably going Dude WTF, Reijir Again While I feel I ought to be throwing this book at a wall, I find myself hugging it close and r

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