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Buffalo Valley This Holiday Season New York Times Bestselling Author Macomber Takes Readers On A Return Visit To Buffalo Valley, North Dakota And Finds The Town Fighting For Survival

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    A very disappointing read I have always enjoyed Debbie Macombers stories, especially her Cedar Cove series But unfortunately, I m not enad with herrecent work and this book was no exception I think somewhat because it is part of a series, and unlike

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    A charming holiday book revisiting Buffalo Valley and its friendly townsfolk We meet Vaughn as he comes to the town to meet old friend Hassie as well as to get a feel for the town s reaction to the infiltration of his new employer, a large box store There s a

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    I was just getting into this story when it ended I had been expecting all kinds of trauma with Natalie and Value X and zip, it was over Vaughn and Carrie were just getting to know each other, too I feel incomplete even though it was the story that was incomplete Go figu

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    Once again, I kept wishing calamities on the characters I don t know if it is the way that Debbie Macomber ties everything up so sweetly or if it is that I am so morose.

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    A quick read by Debbie Macomber but sweet and relaxing especially when you want a pick me up.

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    Another wonderful book by Debbie Macomber Her simplistic style of writing and her characters are always so believable and easy to relate to I have read many, many of her books and haven t been disappointed yet She is remarkable in the way she weaves real life romance into her work without making it

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    Very short compared to the other 3 , and good story I liked how the town rallied together to keep Value X from moving into the community, and ultimately destroying the town, with a love story thrown in for good measure I also enjoyed how it ended with the wedding invitation.

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    This is hands down the best book of the Dakota series A quick read, perfect for a domestic airplane trip The love story between outsider Vaughn and local gal Carrie as they try to keep a Walmart type big box store from taking root in their cute small town.

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    I loved this book The characters in this book are so well described and are so relatable.

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here This last book in the series centered on Buffalo Valley and the potential problem of a Value X store being built near the town It would probably take business away from the small business owners and the town would revert back to closed stores and hard times Va

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