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The King's Blood WAR AND MADNESS CAST SHADOWS OVER THE LANDS DRAGONS ONCE RULEDGeder Palliako S Star Is Rising He Is A Hero Of Antea, Protector To The Crown Prince, And Darling Of The Court But Storms From His Past Are Gathering, And With Them, A War That Will Change EverythingCithrin Bel Sarcour Founded A Powerful Bank On Stolen Wealth, Forged Papers, And Ready Blades Now Every Move She Makes Is Observed, Recorded, And Controlled Unless Cithrin Can Free Herself From Her Gilded Cage, The Life She Made Will Be For Naught War May Provide Just The Opportunity She NeedsAn Apostate Priest Sees The Hidden Hand Behind All A Long Buried Secret Of The Dragon Empire Threatens Everything Humanity Has Built An Age Of Madness And Death Approaches, With Only A Few Doomed Heroes To Stand In Its WayThe Dagger And The Coin The Dragon S Path The King S BloodThe Tyrant S Law The Widow S House The Spider S WarWriting As James S A Corey With Ty Franck The Expanse Soon To Be A Major SyFy Channel Television Series Leviathan Wakes Caliban S War Abaddon S Gate Cibola Burn Nemesis Games

About the Author: Daniel Abraham

Daniel James Abraham, pen names M.L.N Hanover and James S.A Corey, is an American novelist, comic book writer, screenwriter, and television producer He is best known as the author ofThe Long Price QuartetandThe Dagger and the Coinfantasy series, and with Ty Franck, as the co author ofThe Expanseseries of science fiction novels, written under the joint pseudonym James S.A Corey.

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    Just as brilliant as the first I love this series It has everything I m looking for not just great characters, but in depth character development The world building and culture imagined by the author is exceptionally well done The plot is also complex and we ll crafted Next

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    The last third of the book really saved this one for me and made me want to continue on with the series All the action took place in Camnipol and Geder continues his transition to a tyrant bit by bit Increasingly paranoid and thirsty for power revenge and control Looks like his priest friends are going to help him on this path Even if you get the sense that the priests are using Geder for their own ends.Mar

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    A great second book to the series There were parts in this book which had that electric feeling the first book as good as it was didn t Abraham has such a smooth writing style He s up there with Lynch in being entertaining while character and world building Clara s character in particular really stepped forward in this book and the end of her final chapter was brilliant Looking forward to the rest of the series.

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    Wars are easier to start than to end, and where they take you is rarely where you intended to go In the second entry to The Danger and the Coin series Mr Abraham is down to business and he knows perfectly well where he wants his story to go Sadly, he stumbles at times as if unsure how to get there this concerns both the plotting and the pacing.I really, really wanted to give this book 4 stars, the mean reader that I am, in s

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    Much stronger than the first book I now find myself eager to see where it goes next RTC

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    The Kings blood is the follow up to The Dragons Path , one of the best openings to a series that I ve read recently This book does an admirable job of continuing the story started in that book as it further expands the world and continues the development of the characters introduced already In this book we seeof the world established in book 1 This world isn t particularly deep or inventive but it is solid and serves as a good backdrop to eve

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    Awesome development from the first book.I didn t really like Dawson in The Dragon s Path, but he really developed as a character throughout this book view spoiler At least before he was so brutally beheaded hide spoiler Geder is fascinating and so frustrating at the same time, but you can really see the consequences his power has brought to the world His meeting with view spoiler Cithrin for the second time was hilarious Very well done convergence of

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    4.5 starsI believe I found another series to add to my favourite shelf This one is superb

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    I liked this better than the first one, especially at the end This was bound to happen since I m spending so much time with these characters, and Abraham is a consistent, talented writer The first half continued a lot of the issues I had with the first book, though, so I can t really give this four stars Maybe the third book will earn it It s been a little over a year since the start of the series Geder Palliako has gone from social pariah to Lord Regent of Antea Cithr

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