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Tinker Bell to the Rescue Review by G.W OK. When Vidia gets kidnapped by the pitates it s up to Tinker bell and Fira to save her.Will they save her in time before it s to late Even though Vidia is tough and mean she can t escape from the pirates So Tinker bell and Fira have to save her.I love this book Most of all I love all of the Tinker bell books too Do you love these kind of Tinker bell graphic novels Because if you ask me I d say I totally love them Captain Hook Causes Trouble For Tinker Bell And The Rest Of The Fairies When He Kidnaps Vidia The Flying Talent Fairy And Has His Bumbling Assistant Mr Smee Hold Her Captive Tinker Bell And Fira Must Sneak Onto Captain Hook S Ship And Free Their Fellow Fairy Featuring Fourstories Starring Tinker Bell, Prilla, Dulcie, Beck, And The Rest

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