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De Vergeten Verpleegster The True Story Of A Belgian Congolese Nurse Who Helped Take Care Of Wounded Soldiers During The Battle Of The Bulge In WWII, During Which She Nearly Lost Her Own LifeHer Heroic Acts Were Mentioned In The Book Band Of Brothers , But To This Day No One Really Knew Who She Was An Exciting Documentary, Based On Historical Facts

About the Author: Martin King

Emmy Award winning British Military Historian Author Lecturer who s had the honor of reintroducing many US, British and German veterans to the WWII battlefields where they fought He lives in Belgium near Antwerp where he spends his most of his time visiting European battlefields His voluntary work tracing individual histories has been a labor of love for almost 30 years He speaks, and has a working knowledge of German Italian Dutch and French Frequently in demand as a public speaker he has lectured at many British and US colleges, universities and military bases throughout the world The History Channel hired Martin as a Historical Consultant on their series Cities of the Underworld In 2007 he began a new assignment working as a Historical consultant writer on the hit series Greatest Tank Battles , currently the most watched military documentary in the US Shortly thereafter he accepted an invitation to work as a Presenter Historical Consultant on the series Narrow Escapes with Bafta Award winning documentary makers WMR.He is a frequent visitor to the prestigious West Point Military Academy Widely regarded as a leading authority on European Military History, General Graham Hollands referred to him as the Greatest living expert on the Battle of the Bulge Steven Ambrose called him Our expert in the Ardennes Fellow writer and notable historian Professor Carlton Joyce said He really is the best on the Ardennes His campaigning work for World War Two veterans recently came to attention of some leading military personnel at the Pentagon who cordially invited him to present his latest work there Awarded SERVICES TO EDUCATION certificates by the USAF and NATO In 2015 his documentary feature Searching for Augusta received no less than 7 EMMY AWARDS for BEST HISTORICAL DOCUMENTARY In 2017 his book THe Fighting 30th Division They called them Roosevelt s SS was nominated in the USA for the Prestigious writer Award He s also an Honorary Citizen and chosen Cultural Ambassador

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    as a nurse myself i found this a truly amazing book it made me feel respect for nurses and doctors during wartime then and now

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