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Samejima-Kun & Sasahara-Kun Samejima And Sasahara Are Friends They Go To College Together, They Re In The Same Year, And They Even Work At The Same Place But When Samejima Confesses His Feelings Run Deeper, Their Relationship Explodes In Passion And Irritation Sasahara Tries To Ignore Samejima, And He Tells Him To Wake Up He Tries To Accept Him, And Samejima Plays Hard To Get It S Enough To Drive A Man Crazy, In Way Than One

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    A really enjoyable story about two friends who slowly become lovers Unlike with Dear Green , there s a heavy emphasis on the comedy, and there s a lot of bickering But the artist did a great job capturing the awkwardness that arises when a relationship changes There also were

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    Not For the Faint of Heart Samejima Kun and Sasahara Kun ReviewSo I picked this upbased on the description than the cover, because that cover doesn t do the book justice at all First off, it gives entirely the wrong idea of which guy is into the other at first, and it also just ma

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    a fun read 4.5 5 a fun read 4.5 5

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    I m very, very picky with my Yaoi these days I m not satisfied with typical storylines, shoddy plot and mediocre art Sex can get me to read something, but it won t get me to buy it I need substance, heart and endearing quirks I need something that pulls me into the story and the characters

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    So I picked this up because the summary seemed to be promising me an idiots in love story and those are one of my favourite types of romances Happily that is exactly what I received D What an incredibly awkward pair of human beings So much conversation and step backs and awkward interactions of

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    I very rarely buy BL manga I haven t read before because so much of it is so terrible, but the synopsis of this one sounded really promising so I took the plunge and it really delivered The characters are likable and actually fairly realistic I have to give the translator props for their natural soun

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    Totally hilarious Often the transition from friends to lovers are made to look so easy in most books This was NOT like that at all Samejima Kun and Sasahara Kun was a story where forsaking friendship for the pleasure of passion isn t all it s cracked up to be.

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    The story was pretty cute, cookie cutter standard, but cute even if the two main characters spent 80% of the book yelling at each other The art style of this one really put me off The hollow eyes bothered methan it should have.

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    The very definition of bacouple aka idiot couple Friends to lovers and switching roles don t ask view spoiler Also, Maeno Tomoaki as a dorky sort of kinda seme bahahahahah. and Kishio Daisuke as a sadist terrorist cutie cough Shinobu cough hide spoiler

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    full video review hereA cute storyof the comedy than for romantic plot Sometimes the art came off busy and I wished there wascharacter development between the two MCs

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