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Alexander (The James Children, #2) I loved this story Why did it have to end Wasn t sure I was going to like Alex at the start.grrr But by then end he won me over And I loved Jack Wish there were James kids just so we could visit the family again. I have a few issues with this book and so I m not bothering with spoiler tags because that s annoying You are warned there will be spoilers.The characterisation was inconsistent and the timing was weird Unlike some of Barton s books ther wasn t a huge problem with editing and spelling.The villain was suprisingly well thought and had a hinted connection to the previous book which was good Mikhail Black was in the story from the beginning and didn t just appear and attack the James so that was good I do think his characterisation was weird as he swung around in his actions like a trapeze artist A bank robber even a cyber one shouldn t also be keeping a harem of broken women and shooting people when he s done with them It doesn t fit the personality type.Heather was a strong single parent who worked three jobs and had just finish High school online But in the face of no apartment she wandered the streets and got herself hospitalised for hypothermia and then threw herself at Alex offering sex This was not the actions of a strong or smart woman.Alex said yes Alex was considerate, getting medical attention for the cook her distracted, walking a boy to the bus stop to keep him safe from a suspected pedophile Then he kissed Heather at hospital several times like he d been possessed and had no co good book, easy read Loved the story i wish the series didn t end it was only two books but they were great stories This is not one of my favorites by Kathi I read the Hunter series and after several mentions of Willow and Alexander in those I was excited to see that those two had books as well.That being said I did not care for Alexander or Heather as characters.Alexander just seems to be an overgrown baby If things aren t going his way he uses his money or family name to fix the problems He threw around the fact that because he was part owner of the cafe that he had rights to just boss around employees he has never met Then if that s not bad enough he really does treat Heather like crap He never asks her side of the story after talking to her mother, and instead of trying to woo Heather he bullies her into doing what he wants and uses her kid as well.Heather is no better At the beginning I really liked her character A single mother working wherever whenever she ca What a pleasure it was to get to read this series No paranormal elements in this one, but that s alright.I really loved The James Children series, but I wish they would ve had kids than Willow and Alexander.Alexander James cashing in his chips and selling his portion of the business to his partner Brick Deciding to move closer to his parents and baby sister Willow, Alex soon meets the love of his life in of all places.the local bakery Only thing is, he didn t make a very good first impression In fact he mad an ass of himself, but of course he didhe is a man after all.Heather Laird was a single mom and working three, yes three jobs to help support herself, her son Jack and her grandpa Tom She was asleep on her feet for sure When some idiot man calls the bakery she worked at and started making demands.she hung up on him..then the ass shows up at the bakery sometime later..and continued making a nuisance of himself Heather t Well I have to say that I was disappointed in the character that is Alexander James I really liked him when he was seen in the other stories but in this one he became the horses butt He seemed to think that his name and money gave him rights over others and this is not how I saw his character His treatment of his intended Heather was not well done and I think his sister Willow needed to take him to the floor again Heather was a complex character, her past unfolded as the story progressed but again I found myself disappointed in her She worked so hard to provide for her son and grandfather that even though I understood why she does what she does I think she should have handled it better Despite my disappointment in the main characters, I loved Jack and the grandpa This was a fast read, strong supporting characters and main characters you just wanted to smack Just because the author had a different vision for the main c AlexanderHeather is a young mother working 3 jobs to support her 9 year old son, and her grandfather.Alex is a wealthy young man who has just sold his share of his company to his partner, and returned home He didn t like the looks of the man his partner wants to work with, so he decides to sell his half and return home Turn Heather Is Exhausted Most Of The Time Holding Down Three Jobs, Trying To Finish High School And Caring For Her Elderly Grandfather And Son Are All She Knows How To Do.Alexander Doesn T Know If He Wants To Like The Feisty Baker She Has A Smart Mouth, Beautiful, And Makes His Blood Stir Like No One Ever Has But He Can T Trust Not Anyone Not With His Heart, Not With His Money And Especially Not With His Love He Decides That While He Wants Her, He D Just Leave Her Alone And Go About His Business.Already Broke And Barely Hanging On, An Apartment Fire Robs Them Of Everything They Own The Little Family Doesn T Know What They Are Going To Do Devastated, She Throws Herself On The Mercy Of Alexander James And Strikes A Bargain She Ll Sleep With Him If He Helps Her And Her Little Family Get Back On Their Feet Alex Agrees.Alexander Wants The Sexy Baker In The Worst Way, And When They Come Together The Attraction Can T Be Denied But Can They Breach The Walls That They Ve Built Around Their Hearts And Learn To Trust This was a great book, that I enjoyed from the very first word till the very last word.It had very interesting characters that you fall in love with and want to see happy, it had a great story that keeps you entertained fro

About the Author: Kathi S. Barton

Kathi Barton, author of the bestselling series Force of Nature, lives in Nashport, Ohio with her husband Paul In addition to writing full time Kathi likes to spend time with her eight grandkids, three children and three children in laws She writes to relax and have fun Her muse, a cross between Jimmy Stewart and Hugh Jackman brings them to life for her readers in a way that has them coming back

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