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Awake at Work Work Can Often Be Frustrating On The Job We Frequently Face Conflicts, Difficult Personalities, Disappointing Results A Variety Of Challenges And Obstacles In This Unique Book Michael Carroll, A Buddhist Meditation Teacher And A Corporate Executive, Shares Buddhist Wisdom On How To Transform The Common Hassles And Anxieties Of Life In The Workplace Into Valuable Opportunities For Personal Growth, Heightened Wisdom, And Enhanced Effectiveness Carroll Shows Us How Life On The Job No Matter What Kind Of Work We Do Can Become One Of The Most Engaging And Fulfilling Areas Of Our Lives.At Its Heart, Awake At Work Offers Thirty Five Principles For Developing A New Way Of Relating To Work That Is Characterized By Honesty, Openness, Courage, Maturity, And Endless Learning By Contemplating These Principles On A Regular Basis In The Context Of Our Daily Work Lives, We Can Begin To Explore And Overturn The Misconceptions And Mental Habits That Keep Many Of Us In A State Of Constant Frustration And Dissatisfaction On The Job.Carroll Invites Readers To Contemplate These Slogans And To Use Them On The Spot, In The Midst Of Work S Chaos, To Develop Clarity, Wisdom, And Inspiration Along The Way, Carroll Presents A Variety Of Techniques And Insights To Help Us Acknowledge Work, With All Its Complications, As A Valuable Invitation To Fully Live Our Lives In An Engaging, Accessible, And Often Humorous Style, Awake At Work Offers Readers A Path To Rediscovering A Natural Sense Of Intelligence, Confidence, And Delight On The Job.

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    Kind of a Start Where You Are with lojong slogans for embodying your work life with aauthentic presence The slogans serve as concepts to contemplate and work with to transform whatever mind habits you re using to hide, control, escape, etc Work is a mess to remind us that we ll never be able to control or tidy up what happens and expecting otherwise is the source of our frustration and suff

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    I really enjoyed this book I m not sure how I can learn to be truly mindful and always present, but I ve becomeaware of when I m not whether at work, home, or where ever I am Being present and truly THERE is key and also removing barriers to productivity, creating positive spaces and energies around you, solid work relationships with peers There are so many wonderful nuggets of information and

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    I dislike self help because it s not really ever much help And this book isn t going to fix your problems More importantly, it can help reframe problems as Just the way things are I rage against what I consider stupidity or inefficieny or reinventing the wheel Carroll s slogans help me re evaluate my own interpretation I m not in a position to change the system, so being angry doesn t do me any goo

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    It slike 35 rules to live and prosper, I wouldn t call it a guide to mindfulness or meditation But it s still very enjoying, stories are told well and they are quite interesting If you want to slow things down and take back control of your life, this boo...

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    I enjoyed this book and give it a high rating even though I felt the tone to be bit preachy, I guess this is expected considering the subject and premise This author has a fresh, creative application of buddhist mindfulness to contemporary workplace relationships While Mr Carroll lacks much of his mentor, Chogyam Trungpa s earthy humor, the writing is clear and easy to understand with simple explanations f

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    I read this as part of the 2015 reading challenge a nonfiction book I have read many books on buddhism and a handful of books regarding the integration of buddhist principles at work and this is by far the best work one The book is divided into 4 overarching concepts and then many essays on individual principles within the concept I read through the book reading an essay a day and found this was a good pace Th

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    Michael Carroll wove together insights from his practice of Buddhism and wisdom from years of work in the corporate world His anecdotes were telling, his contemplative slogans were right on the mark, and his writing was engaging Carroll was a student of the Buddhist teacher Ch gyam Trungpa Rinpoche and at times Carroll s writing voice seemed to ...

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    A very accessible book of advice for bringing practices of mindfulness, stillness and compassion to the workplace Most of the ideas here will not be new to anyone familiar with the literature on mindfulness, but the applications are creative The workplace described is a business office, but it s easy to translate the ideas to other work places like a universi...

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    Good book to help you view work in a different light and understand that if you are going to work your whole life you might as well enjoy the experience and not dread each day you wake up to go to work.

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    Fantastic I want to read it over and over Applies mainly to corporate settings, but the principles all apply.

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