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What Is God Like? Reading What Is God Like Is The Perfect Way To Help Answer Your Child S Most Important Questions About God This Delightfully Written And Illustrated Book Uses Passages From Scripture To Describe God In A Way Your Child Can Easily Understand

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    I don t think I would use this book with my own children It doesn t teach concepts that I believe in I appreciate that the little boy is asking God questions We can always go to God and ask Him anything But God s answers were my least favorite part I like the idea that God is answering the little boy s prayer, and I like that there are scripture verses in the back to support His answers, but I think that

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    I think this religious book is really good I loved the illustrations and thought the kids in the book were all really cute I think Bostrom brings up questions that many kids truly do have, and I really liked how half of the book is questions for God, and the other half is answers from Him It teaches kids correctly that God is always around us and has a desire to help us I thought it was a very good book for young k

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    I thought this book was very cute It helps children understand the kind and loving person that God is and also helps them know that He will always be with them I believe that this book is for ages 2 4, I m not against religious books being in the public school classroom but it could cause controversy.

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    I LOVE this book This book is adorable and the pictures add to it The pictures are cute and loving I would use this book in my home or teaching primary Great book to teach children about God at a young age because it is such a simple but true cute book

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    This book is the cutest book I think I have ever read This is definitely a book I would want in my home when I am married and have kids It is a quick read and kids would love this book I absolutely love it

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    Answers to this questions presented in a simple format.

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    JENF Bos

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    Loved the scripture references at the end The best part is that it is so many simple questions and yet they are all answered and important Great lesson in the text as well as the process.

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