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The Sacrifice (The Enemy #4) PDF Epub The Sacrifice The Enemy 4 Author Charlie Higson Bandcamptomp3.co.uk The Sickness Destroyed Everyone Over The Age Of Fourteen All Across London Diseased Adults Are Waiting, Hungry Predators With Rotten Flesh And Ravaged Minds Small Sam And His Unlikely Ally, The Kid, Have Survived They Re Safe With Ed And His Friends At The Tower Of London, But Sam Is Desperate To Find His Sister Their Search For Ella Means Sam And The Kid Must Cross The Forbidden Zone And What Awaits Them There Is Terrifying Than Any Of The Horror They Ve Suffered So Far.

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    I m at the stage of reviewing this series when I think I ve given up.Not in the books Not at all I mean, are you joking This series is one of the most brilliant YA series, of any genre, you re going to read.I mean actually reviewing them I find it pretty much impossible to write reviews on a series any way There are on

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    I m only doing a mini review of this book because I ve reviewed all the other books in the series and don t really have anything much extra to add so I ll just sum it up book series summary This book is basically about a apocalyptic version of London where a disease has turned all the adults into zombies It s basically Gone meet

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    What keeps us going day to day How do we push through the monotony, exhaustion, hard times, and pain in life To be honest, some days I m really not sure I guess when you want to keep on living you can do things you couldn t do normally Charlie Higson s The Sacrifice holds all the scares, suspense, and gore of this bloody slaughter like se

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    Spoiler Free I started reading Charlie Higson shortly after i began reading Michael Grant s Gone series in 2010 because i waiting for the next Gone book Plague and wanted something to hold me over I expected a generic zombie book with The Enemy and I got so muchthan that and Higson has quickly become my favorite author along with Grant.Let s start

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    This series keeps being one of the best zombie series I ve read Madd Matt creeps me the fuck out But it s all so realistic of how people would cope in a situation as messed up as this On to the next

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    I really loved this book Once again, this series continues to grow and get better I can t quite explain what it is about this series that makes it so unique, seeing as it s just one zombie series in a list of many And admittedly I haven t read many zombie books But this series, these characters, even the zombies mothers fathers sickos, whatever you want to call them,

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    Please let Maxie and Blue be in this book And if they are, please don t kill Maxie and Blue Please, please, PLEASE.

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    Actually 4.5 stars No major spoilers Can someone please tell the grown ups to chill the f ck out They are bone chilling and creepy as hell I am so in love with this series Each book is just brilliant They are freaky and frantic and flippin fantastic I got warned that this one was a bit slower paced but I really didn t get that at all.A couple of things I really liked through this book ar

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    3.5 starsMy least favorite out of the whole series so far It felt like this one dragged on a lot and I don t like Shadowman and at all It sucked that most of the chapters were in his POV I m not a fan of the whole pl...

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    At A GlanceGenre Young Adult HorrorLove Triangle Insta Love nope.Cliff Hanger Kinda DRating 4.5 starsScore Sheet All out of tenCover 8Plot 9Characters 9World Building 8 Flow 7Series Congruity 8Writing 8Ending 9Total 8.5In DepthBest Part Zombie POVs are my fav Worst Part A bit slower in the pacing.Overall Feels Felt ZOMBIE POV Shadowman is bae oh shit ConclusionContinuing the Series heck yes Recommending hec

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