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Kiss Me First A Chilling And Intense First Novel, The Story Of A Solitary Young Woman Drawn Into An Online World Run By A Charismatic Web Guru Who Entices Her Into Impersonating A Glamorous But Desperate Woman When Leila Discovers The Web Site Red Pill, She Feels She Has Finally Found People Who Understand Her A Sheltered Young Woman Raised By Her Mother, Leila Has Often Struggled To Connect With The Girls At School But On Red Pill, A Chat Forum For Ethical Debate, Leila Comes Into Her Own, Impressing The Web Site S Founder, A Brilliant And Elusive Man Named Adrian Leila Is Thrilled When Adrian Asks To Meet Her, Flattered When He Invites Her To Be Part Of Project Tess Tess Is A Woman Leila Might Never Have Met In Real Life She Is Beautiful, Urbane, Witty, And Damaged As They E Mail, Chat, And Skype, Leila Becomes Enveloped In The World Of Tess, Learning Every Single Thing She Can About This Other Woman Because Soon, Leila Will Have To Become Her An Ingeniously Plotted Novel Of Stolen Identity, Kiss Me First Is Brilliantly Frightening About The Lies We Tell To Ourselves, To Others, For Good, And For Ill

About the Author: Lottie Moggach

Lottie Moggach is a journalist who has written for The Times, Financial Times, Time Out, Elle, GQ and The London Paper She lives in north London Kiss Me First is her first novel.

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    I loved this creepy, compelling, atypical suspense novel I was engrossed in the story from beginning to end.Leila is extremely bright but a most unreliable narrator as she is sorely unperceptive and socially inept She has led a private existence with few if any close friends Her only intimate relationship was with her mother with MS and she has died as the novel begins So, Adrian, a mena

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    The idea, in a nutshell, was this The woman Tess would inform her family and friends that she intended to move abroad to start a new life in some distant, inaccessible place She would hand over to me all the information I would need to convincingly impersonate her online, from passwords to biographical information Then, on the day of her flight, she would disappear somewhere and dispose of herse

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    TOO HOT TO WRITE PROPER REVIEWS But I have to write something down about this book, because I loved it and if I wait much longer I m going to forget everything I enjoyed about it.Leila is a young woman in her early twenties who has led something of a sheltered life, devoted to caring for her beloved mother, who suffers from multiple sclerosis Shortly after the two of them buy a rather disgusting and run d

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    Really, really liked the idea and the first 8 10ths of this book I love the idea of unreliable narrators, and this narrator was pitch perfect As a reader, I didn t like her but I was interested in her, which I find a necessity when the protagonist is pretty much unlikeable I think that the idea of getting sucked in to someone else s life via the internet is plausible and all too real, and most of the book I found

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    It would be impossible to go into great detail about this book, or even try to explain why I liked it so much without revealing major aspects of the story It is better, perhaps, if I offer reasons why you should read it The story crackles with a low tension, seething underneath You know sooner or later sometimes going to come undone and release that tension in all its ferocity You just don t know when.It s been a long time

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    Imagine this You are approached by someone you trust to take on the identity of a person who is going to take their own life This is the moral dilemma that Leila faces She prefers deep intellectual conversations and after the death of her parents thinks she has found a home in the website Red Pill This is a place that encourages intelligent discussions and after establishing herself makes her way into the inner circle.It is there s

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    Every so often a book comes along that hooks you from the very first page This one was an extremely accomplished first novel that I read in one enjoyable sitting, mesmerised by the turns and twists in the story and absolute fascination with the character of Leila Unputdownable is an overused expression but this book really is Leila is the narrator, telling the story after it happened She is a solitary individual, having worked from home in

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    I m not really sure how to rate this book, mostly because I know people will instantly judge me for hating it I ll start off by saying, I went into this book knowing that the author had intentionally made the main character unlikeable And that s not what I hated Not at all To be honest, having Leila unlikeable would have made this book very interesting, BUT none of the other characters were likeable either Tess was a party animal who lived too much

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    KISS ME FIRST is so accomplished and affecting it s hard to believe it s a debut Most simply put, it s a literary thriller about a suicide cult and identity theft, which makes this book sound rather cheesy, a gimmick propelled by cyberparanoia It s not, and I say this as someone whose eyes glaze over at the mention of cyberpunk At the center of the story is a deliciously unreliable narrator named Leila, a loner who spends a lot time online Moggach is too sop

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    What an interesting new writer I will read whatever she writes next This book s plot is unusual the narrator main character is an intelligent but naive and socially isolated misfit Leila who is persuaded to assist a psychopath who runs a suicide assistance cult by pretending to be the online persona of Tess, who he is persuading to commit suicide, in order to create the illusion that Tess is still alive after her death I really enjoyed the unfolding of Leila s charac

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