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Poetry of the First World War The First World War Produced An Extraordinary Flowering Of Poetic Talent Its Poets Mark The Conflict In Ways That Are Both Intensely Personal And As Enduring As Any Monument Their Lines Have Come To Express The Feelings Of A Nation About The Horrors And Consequences Of War.This New Anthology Provides A Definitive Record Of The Achievements Of The Great War Poets And Offers A Fresh Assessment Of The Work On The Centenary Of The Great War S Outbreak Focusing On The Poets Themselves, The Book Is Organized By Writer, Not Theme Or Chronology It Offers Generous Selections From The Celebrated Soldier Poets, Including Wilfred Owen, Siegfried Sassoon, And Rupert Brooke, Whilst Also Incorporating Less Well Known Writing By Civilian And Women Poets It Also Includes Two Previously Unpublished Poems By Ivor Gurney.A General Introduction Charts The History Of The War Poets Reception And Challenges Prevailing Myths About The War Poets Progress From Idealism To Bitterness The Work Of Each Poet Is Prefaced With A Biographical Account That Sets The Poems In Their Historical Context.Although The War Has Now Passed Out Of Living Memory, Its Haunting Of Our Language And Culture Has Not Been Exorcised Its Poetry Survives Because It Continues To Speak To And About Us. Review as part of Books about WWII m not super well versed see what I did there in poetry, but I knew a few of these poets before reading the collection from authors like Thomas Hardy and Rudyard Kipling, to poets like Wilfred Owen The thing with poetry collections is you re not going to love every poet or poem, but I enjoyed the vast majority of these The best thing They shall grow not old, as we that are left to grow old Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them For the Fallen , Laurence Binyon Poetry of the First World War An Anthology edited by Tim Kendall is a collection of British poems on the First World War Kendall is Head of English at the University of Exeter and former editor of the poetry journal Thumbscrew He has served as a lecturer and has published two collections one of poetry and the other of essays Anyone who has read my reviews knows my position on World War I It was the starting part of the the twentieth century Mechanized warfare, air power, armor all saw their start as tools of war Alliances that started the war would become alliances that kept the peace in the Cold War Empires fell and communism rose It would directly contribute to the start of World War II and indirectly to the Cold War It was the decade the world lost it innocence War lost its romance World War I was the last war where wrote songs to support the war It was the last war that the poets would honor Each poet s poems begin with a short biogr Such moving works I am not very good at understanding poetry, but these.one could feel the words. I than liked the book, but it was not perfect therefore just below 5. Why I read this anthologyThe poems collected in this book by Tim Kendall concern the epoch which interests me most in history at the moment World War I and the fundamental changes it brought about to society at least Western culture I have read several books on the topic, portraying this epoch from various historical viewpoints And works of fiction set in this era It was time for me to try to glimpse the feelings this conflict evoked in people Since I believe poetry to be the closest we can get to communicate emotions between each other when it comes to written art , an anthology of this kind was the next step My subjective opinionNow a problem looms in front of me How do you rate and review an anthology of poetry Since it is a collection of poetry by various authors, my subjective opinion will be of even less value than usually Although I will give it nonetheless I was captured by the wide range of emotions and thoughts which this conflict evoked in people, both during and after While reading the various poems, I soon realised I wanted to read accounts of how it was to act

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