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The Demons of Ghent The Sequel To SILENT SATURDAY, And Second Book In The FORBIDDEN SPACES Trilogy Set In Flanders, Belgium

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    Transport yourself to GhentThis excellent thriller follows on from the first book in the trilogy, Silent Saturday set in Tervuren and Brussels and Veerle is picking up her life, living with her Father and his partner She is an avid climber and regularly goes to practice on the local Climbing Wall Her ability to scale the dizzying heig

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    Demons of Ghent is the second book in Helen Grant s fabulous Forbidden Spaces trilogy and one I knew I had to read as soon as possible after finishing the first, Silent Saturday There s always a worry with the second book in a series that it may suffer from second book syndrome, where it does not live up to the glory of the previous novel

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    This is the second in the Forbidden Spaces trilogy and I enjoyed it eventhan the first, Silent Saturday.At first I was bothered, because the book leaves quite a lot of questions unanswered from Silent Saturday, but after a while I decided that the fault lay in Silent Saturday itself those questions should have been wrapped up at the end of th

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    I love Helen Grant s brand of YA mystery I ve read all of them so far and enjoyed them all They re always tightly plotted and very well paced, with a psychological and or paranormal element added in the mix With the first book in the Forbidden Spaces trilogy, Silent Saturday , Grant moved away from standalone stories and started a trilogy While t

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    OKwell, I don t know the whole story It s kind of old you know, the stuff your grandma tells you Years and years ago, I mean hundreds of years ago, there was this rich guy who lived in Ghent and he s supposed to have summoned these demons up to protect him and his family, so nobody could kill them Anyway, I guess they were easier to call up than to g

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    This is the second in a series of books, and while it s probably better to have read the first book first, this one worked for me, new to the series, as a standalone, recapping as necessary on needed back plot From the opening chapter it s a gripping thriller, wonderfully evoking the feeling of Ghent and its history and old buildings The plot twists and

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    Following on from Silent Saturday, the first in the series, Demons of Ghent packs a littlepunch and you feel that the writer has really got into her stride The evocation of the city and it s ancient landscape is really good and using the famous Ghent altarpiece look it up as a key part of the story is really inspired Grant centres the plot around a local leg

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    Every bit as thrilling as Silent Saturday, but if anything even darker andatmospheric There are the same tense family relations as before, but this time the urban exploration angle moves to the rooftops, and the art history aspect keeps things fresh Grant has a talent for striking imagery and similes which makes the prose a pleasure to read, but it s the plot wh

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    I love this series So tense and emotional.

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    Grant continues on her theme of Forbidden Spaces in the second instalment of the trilogy Although Veerle reprises as the lead character there is some cross over from the previous book This could be read as a standalone, particularly as we are treated to several increasingly detailed recaps I haven t encountered recaps in Helen Grant s books before and if I m honest, aft

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About the Author: Helen Grant

Helen Grant born 1964 in London is an author of novels for young adults, now based in Scotland Her first novel, The Vanishing of Katharina Linden, was published by Penguin Books in April 2009 1 It was shortlisted for the Booktrust Teenage Prize and the CILIP Carnegie Medal It has also been published in Germany as Die M dchen des Todes, and has been published in Spain, Holland and the US.Her second novel, The Glass Demon, was published by Penguin in May 2010 It was shortlisted for the ITW Awards Best Paperback Original category Her third novel Wish Me Dead was published in 2011 and nominated for the CILIP Carnegie Medal.In addition to her novels for young adults, she has been a regular contributor to the M.R James Ghosts Scholars Newsletter Her short fiction and non fiction have been published in Supernatural Tales, All Hallows and by the Ash Tree Press She has also provided a new translation of E.T.A Hoffmann s Das de Haus in The Sandman Other Night Pieces Tartarus Press. Helen s most recent novels are Silent Saturday 2013 , Demons of Ghent 2014 and Urban Legends 2015 , which form a trilogy of urbex themed thrillers In 2018 Helen s new novel, Ghost, will be published by Fledgling Press Ghost is the first of Helen s books to be set in Scotland.