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The Flesh Cartel, Season 1: Damnation Sublime Service, Made To Order The Flesh Cartel An International, Multi Billion Dollar Black Market That Trades In Lost Souls Or Specifically, Their BodiesHighly Organized And Frighteningly Efficient, The Flesh Cartel Could Teach Even The KGB A Thing Or Two About Breaking A Human Mind Fortunately For Their Ultra Rich Clients, They Re Just As Skilled At Putting People Back Together Again As Perfect Pets, Well Trained And Eager To PleaseNo Matter What Your Secret Tastes Or Dark Desires, The Flesh Cartel For The Right Price, Of Course Will Hand Design The Plaything Of Your DreamsThis Collection Contains The Flesh Cartel CaptureThe Flesh Cartel Auction Warnings Explicit Violence, Forced Incest, Non Consent

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    The First Season of the Flesh Cartel is one of the darkest, most twisted and terrifying openings for any series I ve read That s not hyperbole That s fact.This is a collection of the first two episodes of this series The Flesh Cartel 1 Capture The Flesh Cartel 2 Auction Sublime service, made to order.The Flesh Cartel an international, multi bill

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    Idon t know what to say.I knew these were dark, but that isn t my problem, exactly I don t understand why these people are being treated this way when they are supposedly worth a lot of money Granted, the MCs and all the others aren t people to the assholes in charge, so they don t see them as worthy of being taken care of But Dougie is a virgin shouldn t

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    This is a dark, twisted, non romantic introduction to this series I found myself cringing and being utterly disgusted by what our poor brothers go through in these two stories However, it is written so well so believable, each aspect builds on previous content I am inexplicably drawn into the storyline, needing to know what these two will be put through, how they w

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    UmI don t even know what to say This was probably one of the hardest books I ve ever read I feel horrible saying that because usually I m all for the dark books Something about having these horrible things happening to men just twisted my stomach in ways it doesn t when I read about the same situations women are in Gosh, I cannot believe I just admitted that.So, here is my r

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    This book is really extremely well written and the authors know their job very well It s dark and gritty And you get exactly what is written in the blurb.There are good reasons for the publisher to add a warning this title contains material some may find objectionable or trigger inducing, including explicit violence, non consent, and forced incest.It s a psychosexual thriller and it s

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    Not sure what to Rate this one. Just made touch screen smaller put finger between 4 5 push Darkness factor, I d say 10 Black Hole Asshole Dark Darkest I ve read w Deranged characters, Evil, Cunning Depraved Not sure how much darker I can take But sure it will push limits like no other Hotness Factor 1 Not Hot AllShockwave factor 4 Only 1 Scene truly showed me must read too much depraved shit Ch

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    This was disturbingly dark Horrible in fact, but I couldn t stop reading it Non con, kidknapping, torture Not typically my cup of tea, but it was well written and abhorently intriguing.

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    This is so damn good, and I am hooked It has sunk its merciless teeth into me and is not letting go Yes, it s brutal, but it s fascinating to see how these brothers with polar opposite personalities react to the circumstances they ve found themselves in.I personally amintrigued by Mat I admire his strength of will, his fierce protectiveness of Dougie, his stubborn refusal to back downit makes me want so badly for

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    I want to give this book a higher rating because the story is well written, but the subject matter made me want to throw up Unfortunately this story of the sex slave trade is the reality and horror of so many people in this world Countless people are de humanized and subjected to rape and brutalized and sold to the highest bidder Hopefully this book will be an eye opener for us all to learnabout sex slavery and try to do ou

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    I got this because it was 50% off and it had good reviews I m not a stranger to dark fiction Hell, I figured, I read Poppy Z Brite s Equisite Corpse where two serial killers one a necrophiliac and the other a cannibal fell in love and had sex in the blood and remains of their victims, but this This was waysick and depraved because every single person in this story, except for Mat and Dougie, is either a freaking sociopath and or psyc

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