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Min Kamp 2 from Min kamp 1 It was now than two weeks since I had published my review of Min kamp 1, and during that time I had not posted anything new Every day, I stared at the screen, tried to begin, abandoned my unsuccessful attempt after half an hour Maybe I would never again manage to produce a meaningful piece of writing I checked my mail for the third time that afternoon Someone I didn t know said they thought it was amazing that I could read the books in the original Norwegian There s nothing much to it, I wrote back I lived in Sweden for ten years, and Norwegian is closely related After I had replied, I was filled with self loathing How could I waste my time on such trivia Once , I vowed I would stop doing it, but I knew I was too weak willed I went downstairs to have a cigarette.But you don t smoke, said my girlfriend Not when I returned I do when I m reviewing Knausg rd, I said in an irritated voice I went into the kitchen and began to unstack the dishwasher I put each item back in its correct place the glasses directly over the sink, the cups next to them, the flat plates in the cupboard above the counter, the bowls beneath it, the cutlery in the plastic holder opposite, the wooden spoons in the box that had once held a bottle of Old Pulteney You don t really want to be doing this, do you asked Not, as she came over to put her arms around me Wha The Epic Side of Truth, Wisdom Feel like my soul has turned into steel I ve still got the scars that the sun didn t heal Not Dark Yet, Bob Dylan, 1997Prior to reading this, I was skeptical about reading a roman clef based loosely on the author s life Could he succeed in depicting a seemingly ordinary life as interesting enough to fill 4 5 6 volumes Is he the Scandinavian equivalent of the fat head fiction writers churned out from MFA programs across the nation to dazzle the cognoscenti with a woeful memoir of M.y F.abulous A.gony, or, worse, a supercilious philosophizing intellectual boor who ll shortly lose the reader in his quest to bless the world with intelligence and Mensa mysticism I skimmed several reviews prior to concluding my worries were misplaced and that Volume 2 subtitled A Man in Love seemed the best place to start the 6 volume set Note each novel is self contained so you can start with any volume and need not fear being sucked into reading any of the other 5 volumes though, if you re like me, you ll wa The original Norwegian editions of Karl Ove Knausgaard s six volume My Struggle series, presented in thick 500 page installments, have purportedly sold than a half million copies and won lots of prizes If rumors of such critical and commercial success are true, even if only in Scandinavia, it s good news for humanity, since these volumes lack traditional plot, let alone anything approaching bondage, vampires or wizards Maybe it helps that Knausgaard, a respected author of two novels before he d even started My Struggle, has a bold, sensationalist, attention grabbing title appropriated from Hitler s polemical autobiography, which forces readers to contrast his representation and impressions of his writing family life with the F hrer s concerns Or maybe the series has stormed across Scandinavia because its scope and approach suggest Proust s In Search of Lost Time, but instead of tracing the past in rapturous, velveteen, serpentine effusions every passage suffused with chrysanthemum dust My Struggle presents something comparat A masterpiece I think it surpasses vol 1, although it is less fun and less immediately accessible If vol 1 was death and childhood, this is love and aging, and it is perhaps the best depiction of love that I have ever read Family love, romantic love, courtship Fascinating structure A digression that lasts from p 20 p 527, inside of which is a digression that goes from 70 520, inside of which is one from 105 340, inside of which is one that runs from 125 281 The outermost frame, the beginning and the end, details the moments that led to the writing of vol 1.I read this volume faster than the first, somehow, and mostly in the basement of my family s f I really, really, really loved the first one of these, but I did not love this one It was at times a slog to get through There were some great moments and I m glad I finished it, because it ended strong, but the majority fell into the risky trap of this project, and read to me like excerpts from a self absorbed parenting blog detailing what life is like as a successful writer with a family in Sweden spoiler alert in the absence of any other worries medical bills, say, or the need to do unpleasant work for a living, Scandinavians have the leisure to spend days purchasing books and contemplating how miserable they are Sweden does sound annoying in that too good to be tolerable way, sort of like Portland but with socialized medicine and an entire class of people gainfully employed in producing culture Plus too dark and cold Anyway My current life is somewhat similar to the one described by Knausg rd, minus the success and people dropping by regularly to tell me how brilliant and talented and good looking I am I too am stuck home with a baby, and while in one way this made the book interesting than it would ve been otherwise, in another it made me wonder why I should bother reading about his, when I have plenty of Struggles of my own yes, I get that that s the point, but it didn t stop me from wonderin minus plus , Book Two of My Struggle makes good on the promise of an epic of the everyday toward the end of the book Karl Ove describes his idea of literature as a kind of participation in the gaze of another, how only diaries and essays continue to move him as works of literature because that is where one might come closest to inhabiting another s gaze on the world, another s purview onto being Thus the book he begins to write, thus the book we hold in our hands For even here among the ascetic, exhaustive disclosure of raw daily living we find metafiction at work The new sincerity though I can t make the claim People simply do not remember things in this way Autobiographical fiction, yes but sincere I am in no position to qualify this This is unmoored remembrance, digressionary autobiographical meanderings, extended maundering, with an emphasis on the creational aspect of dream recall, because again no one remembers like this The language is as spare as ever it is my impression, correct or not, that not a single metaphor was employed throughout the entirety of these 600 pages The sparseness, or attempt at a minimalist precision in the prose, at length can give the impression of a kind of austerity, severity, but the lie to this is given in unexpected moments of dark laughter and lengthy passages where the eye is cleared to apprehend the substructure of sublime beauty a landscape or a scene manifests Karl Ove is especially susceptible to temper A Man in LoveThe fact that paintings and, to some extent, photographs were so important for me had something to do with this They contained no words, no concepts, and when I looked at them what I experienced, what made them so important, was also non conceptual There was something stupid in this, an area that was completely devoid of intelligence, which I had difficulty acknowledgng or accepting, yet which perhaps was the most important single element of what I wanted to doKarl Ove Knausg rd, My Struggle Book 2Sometimes writing a review of a book is just about marking the space, staking the ground, scratching the wall with hard chalk I swim back and forth about how I feel about Knausgaard Hell, I swim back and forth about whether I want to spell his last name Knausgaard or Knausg rd Right now I don t feel strongly either way Completely ambivalent Sometimes, I think Karl Ove s art is his huge capacity for being pretentious and narcissistic, but just to be fair I also think the same thing about most artists There is something about the personality of an artist that IS by their nature selfish, demanding, exhibitionist crying for notice, for acclaim, for some distant other to meet their gaze, catch their pitch, experien Having Left His First Wife, Karl Ove Knausgaard Moves To Stockholm, Sweden, Where He Leads A Solitary Existence He Strikes Up A Deep Friendship With Another Exiled Norwegian, A Nietzschean Intellectual And Boxing Fanatic Named Geir He Also Tracks Down Linda, Whom He Met At A Writers Workshop A Few Years Earlier And Who Fascinated Him Deeply Book Two Is At Heart A Love Story The Story Of Karl Ove Falling In Love With His Wife But The Novel Also Tells Other Stories Of Becoming A Father, Of The Turbulence Of Family Life, Of Outrageously Unsuccessful Attempts At A Family Vacation, Of The Emotional Strain Of Birthday Parties For Children, And Of The Daily Frustrations, Rhythms, And Distractions Of Stockholm Keeping Him From And Filling His Novel Intense And Vital Where Many Contemporary Writers Would Reflexively Turn To Irony, Knausgaard Is Intense And Utterly Honest, Unafraid To Voice Universal Anxieties The Need For Totality Brings Superb, Lingering, Celestial Passages He Wants Us To Inhabit He Ordinariness Of Life, Which Is Sometimes Vivid, Sometimes Banal, And Sometimes Momentous, But All Of It Perforce Ordinary Because It Happens In The Course Of A Life, And Happens, In Different Forms, To Everyone The Concluding Sentences Of The Book Are Placid, Plain, Achieved They Have What Walter Benjamin Called The Epic Side Of Truth, Wisdom James Wood, The New Yorker Ruthless Beauty Aftenposten This First Installment Of An Epic Quest Should Restore Jaded Readers To Life The Independent Between Proust And The Woods Like Granite Precise And Forceful More Real Than Reality La Repubblica Italy My first impression of Karl Ove Knausgaard came from a black and white photograph published with a review of his book A Time For Everything in The New York Review of Books.He is seen smoking against the rugged Norwegian landscape, hair disheveled, wearing an old, battered tee shirt, lost in thought Completely and unabashedly himself, yet ill at ease Entirely present, feet deeply rooted in the present moment, yet his mind is clearly in flight, flickering at the surface of his gaze.The striking portrait somehow encompasses all of the qualities of his writing intense, raw, physical, elusive, inquisitive and elemental.http www.nybooks.com articles archiWhat Knausgaard achieves in My Struggle , his mad yet mesmerizing 6 volume autobiographical enterprise, is simply the most real depiction of the movements of the mind that I have ever read A life told in its most boring minutiae and its most elemental highs and lows, as it moves from the most mundane to the most transcendent Knausgaard plays alongside Proust or Virginia

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Nominated to the 2004 Nordic Council s Literature Prize awarded the 2004 Norwegian Critics Prize.Karl Ove Knausg rd b 1968 made his literary debut in 1998 with the widely acclaimed novel Out of the World, which was a great critical and commercial success and won him, as the first debut novel ever, The Norwegian Critics Prize He then went on to write six autobiographical novels, titled

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