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The Bridal Hunt Things Aren T Going At All Like Wilhelmina Had Planned First, She Shows Up At, George, Her Significant Other S Office To Surprise Him With A Romantic Holiday Getaway, But Finds Herself On The Receiving End Of A Surprise Herself, Instead Hurt, Betrayed, Pissed Off And Single Now, Wilhelmina Decides To Take The Trip Alone, Have Her Own Holiday, Just For One Then Things Go From Bad To Worse When George Shows Up And Can T Take No For An Answer In The Midst Of All This, Something Large, White, Hairy And Completely Abominable Shows Up And Decides To Settle Their Dispute Himself The Creature Must Have Noted Something Of Worth In The Feisty, Hot Tempered, Curvaceous Beauty, Stealing Off With Her, Heading Deep Into The Woods With His Prize Wilhelmina Soon Finds Herself In The Middle Of A Primitive Looking Camp Of Snowy White Creatures, On Some Kind Of Alternate Plane, Realizing Quickly That She S Just Unwillingly Participated In What Could Only Be Deemed As A Bridal Hunt Is Wilhelmina Fated To Be An Abominable Snow Beastie S Bride Or Can She Find Her Way Back Home Before It S Too Late Reader Advisory This Book Contains One Female Partnering With Multiple Males M F M M M No Male Male Abduction And Violence

About the Author: Jeanette Lynn

Jeanette Lynn, lover of books, cheese, chocolate, goofy geekiness, and scruffy faced pound puppies Jeanette lives with her Incredible Hunk and their brood, slowly finding herself overrun by a small but lovable horde of critters, from turtles to fish, to her beloved eccentric pooches.With her free time she likes to weave tall tales about cocky heroes and quirky, smart mouthed heroines And when she s not writing she s totally boring, I swear, and sometimes messes with her author profile Ahem.Website Newsletter sign up

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    This was so much fun Sure, it wasn t a literary masterpiece the writing was repetitive, the editing left a lot to be desired, and the heroine s perpetual inner ramblings grated on my nerves There were a few graphic descriptions that freaked me out view spoiler like the heroine talking about pulling back the beastie s fur covered foreskin eek hide spoiler , but for the most part I was

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    This book was so totally opposite of what I normally readbut I was in a book funk I have been out of itmind you I am normally the sort that reads 4 books at least a week type person..but when I get bored with my normal choices, or I cant seem to find that book that takes me away from it all..I get grumpy basically become that type person most people run fromlol seriously my hubby..when he se

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    4.5 Purrrrrr for me Loverboy StarsLet s just say that Human Males go pale in comparison to these Alien MC s once you read this one Absolutely loved every part of this book The MC s are human like with white fur all over with cat bear like characteristics Never thought I ll find a man purring for you sexy as hell but then again I ve always been a cat person it was only a matter of time a brilliant er

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    More thorough review to come This book was too good to skimp on that.This was a fantastic read I actually read it free, but enjoyed it so much I purchased a copy I m torn on how many stars I really want to give this one 5 stars but as I ve just read another one from this same author and intend to give that one 5 stars.I worry that I m falling into a fan girl squee zone So I m going to back off, re read and

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    I can t believe I m saying this but I HATED THIS I LOVED,LOVED,LOVED Of Another Dimension and just Her Luck but despite foe the guys kinda looked like demons with their red skin and horns etc even the worst of them were absolute perfect gentlemen than this convoluted BULLSHIT Seriously WTF WTH Kidnapping was one thing but the was total and utter BS Either Mina is a smart aleck badass that sticks up for herself or s

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    This book doesn t deserve even 1 star, so no rating for this one, and I ll keep the review as short as possible.The worst book I ve ever read, sorry, flipped and skipped through, in my life.Avoid it You re welcome.

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    Wouldn t it bother you if your husband mate butchered your name and called you Meanie for the rest of your life Although it sort of fit because I could not understand Mina s allure other than being willing to have sex with all of them and she just seemed to be expecting them to cater to her every desire Also, maybe she had nothing important to go back to but what about any of the other kidnapped women No mention was made of her ge

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    Started off great with the promise of great , wonderful furriness but then it became endless cycle of smut sex No story it was boring plus hate it when in manage relationships the other guys start to doodle the heroine yuk I mean it cute to deep love, care, take care of your partner But the full on coddling like saying you can pee on my face and i ll still lick your feet nonsense is unbelievable.

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    Ugg, Mina was terrible and the men were awful Not much to redeem this story.

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