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Medical Myths That Can Kill You Read Medical Myths That Can Kill You Author Nancy L Snyderman Jackkellyfilm.co.uk Do You Know What S Really Good For You In This Age Of Countless Miracle Cures, It S Vital To Separate The Myths That Endanger Your Health From The Medical Facts You Need FACT Unfiltered Coffee Can Clog Your Arteries.FACT Donating Blood May Lower Your Risk Of Heart Disease.FACT You Don T Really Need Eight Glasses Of Water A Day.FACT Coughing Won T Help If You Re Having A Heart Attack But Aspirin Will We Ve Become A Nation Of Cyberchondriacs, Diagnosing Ourselves With False Information And Half Truths Found On Sketchy Websites In Medical Myths That Can Kill You, Dr Nancy Snyderman, Chief Medical Editor For NBC News, Provides Clear, Practical, Scientifically Proven Advice That Can Lead You To A Healthier, Happier Life.Discover The Simple, Everyday Things That Affect Well Being, And Get The Information You Need To Revitalize Your Body, Maintain Your Longevity, Manage Your Care, And Possibly Even Save A Life Yours From The Hardcover Edition.

About the Author: Nancy L. Snyderman

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Medical Myths That Can Kill You book, this is one of the most wanted Nancy L. Snyderman author readers around the world.

10 thoughts on “Medical Myths That Can Kill You

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    I picked this up browsing at the library and while the other reviews are correct about it being common sense and simply written, I find it very motivating Yes, much of it I already know, but some things I didn t and the chart on preventive care check ups alone makes this worth perusing.

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    I heard the writer on NPR, and she sounded really interesting, but when I got the book, the sections seemed like sidebar articles that you might read in a pop magazine like Shape, or Women s Day It wasn t really riveting, or surprising I felt like I d seen all this information before.

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    Not so impressed by this book or her writing ability Didn t tell me anything I didn t already know Did appreciate the nice chart of medical tests and screenings with the frequency recommended.

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    Most of this I knew, but there was some nuggets of new information in this book that I never heard before.

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    Medical Myths That Can Kill You And 101 Truths That Will Save, Extend and Improve Your LifeBy Nancy L Snyderman, M.D.This book is sensible, and easy read, and easy to understand The ending wrapped it all up, and made it clear that the author has good common sense You won t find the secret to success in here It is not a secret, we have known for decades what we should and should not do Gradually the evidence accumulates and we learndetails about exactly wha

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    This book is a quick collection of commonsense medical advice The medically sophisticated will not find much new in it and will probably find it to be too simple But even smart and knowledgeable people fall into some of the bad habits or make some of the foolish mistakes that Dr Snyderman discusses in her book, like not eating a healthy diet, failing to get that annual physical, or not being entirely truthful with their doctor The central thesis of this book is th

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    I found this book easy to read It was helpful in giving you guidelines for dr visits, vitamins, meds, etc She gives you clear cut questions to ask your doctor and when and what tests you need Some things I knew but others I didn t But over all I found it very informative I like the little myth boxes where she explained why or why not some things we believe are or aren t true and what you should do instead one was about 8 glasses of water a day that is a myth drink when yo

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    I completely agree with the reviewer that said the content was like that found in a pop magazine The endnotes are few and some citations are reference webmd.com not exactly a primary source When I got to the segment on homeopathic ...

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    I am brilliant I have never fallen prey to any of the super secret myths that she debunked in this book I already knew that vaccines were good for adults, and that you should see your doctor annually I knew all her secret truths too LikeI forgot I can t remember any...

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    Very quick and easy to read I really liked how Dr Snyderman used her own examples personally and from patients along with jargonless medical explanations.My review sounds like it should be a 5 star I only gave it 3 stars...

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