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After We Fell Book 3 Of The After Series Newly Revised And Expanded, Anna Todd S After Fanfiction Racked Up 1 Billion Reads Online And Captivated Readers Across The Globe Experience The Internet S Most Talked About Book For Yourself From The Writer Cosmopolitan Called The Biggest Literary Phenomenon Of Her Generation Tessa And Hardin S Love Was Complicated Before Now It S Confusing Than Ever AFTER WE FELLLife Will Never Be The Same HESSAJust As Tessa Makes The Biggest Decision Of Her Life, Everything Changes Revelations About First Her Family, And Then Hardin S, Throw Everything They Knew Before In Doubt And Makes Their Hard Won Future Together Difficult To Claim.Tessa S Life Begins To Come Unglued Nothing Is What She Thought It Was Not Her Friends Not Her Family The One Person She Should Be Able To Rely On, Hardin, Is Furious When He Discovers The Massive Secret She S Been Keeping And Rather Than Being Understanding, He Turns To Sabotage.Tessa Knows Hardin Loves Her And Will Do Anything To Protect Her, But There S A Difference Between Loving Someone And Being Able To Have Them In Your Life This Cycle Of Jealousy, Unpredictable Anger, And Forgiveness Is Exhausting She S Never Felt So Intensely For Anyone, So Exhilarated By Someone S Kiss But Is The Irrepressible Heat Between Her And Hardin Worth All The Drama Love Used To Be Enough To Hold Them Together But If Tessa Follows Her Heart Now, Will It Bethe End

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    This is a flipping adolescent version of Fifty Shades of Grey Except it s featuring Harry Styles Now that we ve covered that, let s get going with this shit review So, how about we go through an overview of what the trilogy looked like to me Tessa who has like three different names is gorgeous, curvy, blonde, funny, innocent, and has all of the charming characteristics every female protagonist on Wattpad has Oh, and she s also got them nice round titties, too And, shocker SHE S NEVER BEEN HIT

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    1 2 After We Fell, book 3 of 5 The tumultuous against all odds romance between tatted rebel Hardin Scott good girl Tessa Young There is a big difference between not being able to live without someone and loving them Books in The After series should be read in order Book 1 AfterBook 2 After We CollidedBook 3 After We FellBook 4 After Ever HappyBook 5 BeforeThe After series is the epic love saga between flawed rebel bad boy student and editor Hardin Allen Scott and na ve good girl student and intern

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    Like the first two books in the series, After We Fell was completely consuming Although the back and forth drama between Hardin and Tessa gets to be very irritating, I can t seem to turn away from it It s like I m stuck in an abusive relationship with this couple I know it isn t healthy I know I should remove myself from the situationbut I just can t do it After all, maybe they ll change.Picking up where After We Collided left off, Tessa s father has reappeared in her life Only, her father is not the man that she

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    3.5 stars Well, I wasn t supposed to write a review on the third book of the series due to my highly negative reviews on the two previous books.And here I am again , writing a review again , on the After series by Anna Todd again It is a vicious circle, just like Hardin s and Tess relationship Feel the irony I went into this one with very low expectation or to be completely truthful, I expected it to be as horrible as the previous books And yet, I ve decided to read it perhaps because I wanted to read something easy and

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    3.5 I wanted to write a full review on this book, but I dont think I can I both loved and hated it I will say that this is the book where I finally, finally got Hardin I completely understood his character Only took 2 and half books and over 2000 pages but I finally got him I ll just use direct quotes from our two leads to describe this book You re always fucking sorry It s always the same shit you do something, hide something, say something, I cry, you say you re sorry, and bam All is forgiven I stomp down the stairs and throw

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    Even though this is really bad, I just want to know how it ends These two should either go their separate ways or just I dont know, kill each other I have never read about a relationship so toxic, disturbing and with no sense whatsoever, and characters so stupid or just plain psychotic.

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    Audiobooknarrated by Shane East, and Elizabeth Louise The narrators were FINE Each Audiobook is around 24 hours of listening If awards were given for the most eye rolling scrimpy, inconsequential series these books would win On that note I m still investing my time After 3 of these books one to complete the series Do you want to know my theory as to why I think many of us keep listening to these Audiobooks readers themselves can t explain the reason fully Books that use up hours of meaningless time The intensity between the unreasonable rage, followed by intens

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