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Dying For Christmas I Am Missing Held Captive By A Blue Eyed Stranger To Mark The Twelve Days Of Christmas, He Gives Me A Gift Every Day, Eachhorrible Than The Last The Twelfth Day Is Getting Closer After That, There Ll Be NoChristmas Cheer For Me No Mince Pies, No Carols No Way OutBut I Have A Secret No One Has Guessed It Will You

About the Author: Tammy Cohen

Tammy Cohen who was previously published under her formal name Tamar Cohen is a freelance journalist A late starter to fiction and to other things besides she has now written four novels The Mistress s Revenge, The War of the Wives, and Someone Else s Wedding The Broken was her first pyschological thriller, followed by Dying for Christmas Her brand new hardback novel, First One Missing is out now She lives in North London with her partner and three nearly grown children, plus one very badly behaved dog.

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    Q Three interesting things about me Well, I m twenty nine years old, I m phobic about buttons Oh yes, and I m dying.Oh well, you live and learn.Except in my case only one of those is true c Q We d met at university, where he was studying medicine and I was study

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    There was something about the blurb for this book that grabbed my attention Maybe it was that I had never read a Christmas thriller before or it could be that it sounded so intriguing Either way, it turns out, it wasn t exactly what I had hoped for.The opening was str

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    Find my reviews on my blog Date Read 11 14 16Pub Date US 11 22 164 STARS Out Christmas shopping one December afternoon, Jessica Gould meets the charming Dominic Lacey and impulsively agrees to go home with him for a drink What follows is a Twelve Days of Christmas from hell

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    DYING FOR CHRISTMAS by Tammy Cohen is one twisted dark psychological Christmas read I am missing Held captive by a blue eyed stranger To mark the twelve days of Christmas, he gives me a gift every day, eachhorrible than the last The twelfth day is getting closer After that, there

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    The Hook Fa la la la la, la la la la from some of my GR friends Yes, they made a list and I checked it twice, I soon found out this book was naughty, not nice The LineIf only she could pickle this moment and put it in a jar The Sinker The first clue is the title itself What can you exp

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    5 Words Christmas, kidnap, deceit, revenge, torture.Wow This book.Talk about an unreliable narrator I loved Jessica I loved how when I got to the end of part one, I could have happily put the book down But that second half It blew my mind.Now, I love Christmas And I love crime But I ve never

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    As far as domestic thrillers go this one was quite refreshing in many ways, none of which I m going to tell you about though as thrillers are best going into blind folded yes you ve got me, we have a very dominant character in this book By the title I was hoping this was going to be a seasonal rea

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    This was an extremely twisty turny psychological thriller The first 60% were brilliant, then I felt a bit cheated but can t explain why without giving too much of the plot away However, once I got over that, I did enjoy the remainder of the story again, although not as much as the first part, and I appr

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    While out Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve Jessica Gould meets an intriguing man, Dominic Lacey, and ends up agreeing to go home with him for a drink As soon as Jessica is alone with Dominic she immediately regrets her decision and begins to fear for what she has gotten herself into Jessica finds herself l

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    I have a feeling that 2015 will be a good year for the psychological thriller category I have already read some real winners so far Let s toss this one into that box of goodies This is the Christmas you don t want to have unless you are really messed up or lunch with your Mother In Law is a worse option I am missin

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