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Henry and June - From The Unexpurgated Diary of Anaïs Nin Having first read this book at the age of 22, I have to say that my perspective on it 7 years later is dramatically different I did not experience the profound liberation that I did when reading Henry June the second time around I once considered Nin to be a strong, sexually heroic figure, but now my opinion is that, during this time of her life, she was mostly confused, self destructive and pawned her behavior off on the idea of naivity Don t get me wrong, I feel that the love she experienced for Henry Miller was beautiful, although unfortunately damaging to herself and to the people around her I also feel that she was indeed naive and that many of her experiences were necessary for personal growth, but she was also fully aware of her behavior and the effects of it.Perhaps my 29 year old self is not able to relate to her thoughts, emotions behaviors on the same level as my 22 year old self was as an effect of my own sexual experiences and life lessons learned from mistakes made Hope This is the kind of book I love reading I am delighted to find Anais Nin She is extraordinary.Her writing is brilliant or shall I say terrific She writes short sentences packed with meaning I trust her voice completely There are no back thoughts She is writing for herself One can easily sense this in short, crisp and beautifully worded sentences While reading this book, I also felt that this could easily be a novel.At times, her writing, in certain parts of her journals, reminds me of D H Lawrence, but soon her style, honesty, the eagerness to tell it all in clear and precise manner set her fiercely apart, not only from Lawrence but from others She is just being Anais Nin Just read this, the whole book carries this quality of description and keeps the reader firmly in her world I have just been standing before the open window of my bedroom and I have breathed in deeply, all the sunshine, the snowdrops, the crocuses, the primroses, the crooning of the pigeons, the trills of the birds, the entire possessions of soft winds and cool smells, of frail colors and petal textured skies, the knotted grey brown of old trees, the vertical shoots of young branches, the wet brown earth, the torn roots I suppose I need to read this book again She explores relationships, sexuality and unconscious, and how all these unfold in her life and impact her There is much in her journals in terms of sexuality that has most probably been later theorized by the modern day theoris The fear of reality and its tearingThe writing of Ana s Nin has an intoxicating force, it comes from a long daily practice, the keeping of his diary touches closer to his emotions and offers us an authenticity that does not have the fiction She evokes the deception of literatureWe read books and we expect life to be just as full of interest and intensity And, of course, it is not She analyzes with keenness, her search for total love, the passion in what she has of destruction and change, the suffering of jealousy, while revolting against the traditional vision of the couple This laboratory of the senses, this revealer of the female body and its desires, precipitates in the body of the text a quest for identity that upsets, even today, the attentive readerThe Journal is a product of my illness, it is perhaps an exaggeration, an accentuation I m talking about the relief that I feel while writing but it is also, perhaps, a way of engraving pain in me, like a tattoo It gives Henry the opportunity to be whole , no longer split into a radiant writer on one side, and a man, with all his excesses and weaknesses, on the other Is Ana s a demon A demiurge rather Some passages are of a sensuality, a crudity, overflowing, yet she makes this admissionMy words are not deep enough, barbaric enough They hide, they hide I Henry and June is the type of journal that makes me want to highlight passage after passagesince journals so often have the types of personal reflections that are hard to achieve in pure fiction I did get bored with it fast, though Maybe because after the first few instances of lust, jealousy, psychoanalysis, and then lust, jealousy, and psychoanalysis, it was pretty much the same events and observations repeating themselves in different forms But then again, journals aren t supposed to be designed to engage the reader they re designed to be self fulfilling So it s kinda hard to complain about a journal from a reader s standpoint Which brings me to wonder something about these writings Nin shared her journal with several people actually, most of the men in her life who she writes about read her journal at some point, with her permission So I m curious about how honestly she really wrote, knowing it could potentially be read by her subjects It seemed honest raw, but do we tailor things to the eyes of those who will be reading it The same way we might be inclined to structure fiction according to a workshop we re in, or which publisher we re aiming for Nin says at one point in her journal that she no longer wants to write about her husband because she can t do so honestly that it s like writing about God You exalt someone and create a distance between yourself and that person, not wanting to say anythi Is Anais Nin a good writer Ought we take her seriously Apparently some do, but the description on the back of the Penguin edition about sums up this book, culled from the unexpurgated diaries of Ms Nin during the period in which writer Henry Miller and his wife June Masefield figure large on her horizon it is a compelling account of a woman s sexual and emotional awakening If you don t groan at that charmless phrase, variations of which are so thoughtlessly used to describe any risque tome penned by a woman, you may enjoy Henry and June here But what this really is, this diary, so obviously written with publication in mind so much of it is flowery, daring and conflicted , is a record of one person s unchecked narcissism, the diary of a spoiled little rich girl and her self created problems No one comes off well in this the husband is the world s most oblivious cuckold, the psychoanalyst a bit of a charlatan surprise who secretly lusts for some Nin, the writer a would be volcano who s disappointingly a kitten at heart, his wife surely a neurotic Fury who ll end up destroying everyone in the end, alas but the narrator co I can t remember the first time I read Nin s short stories I was probably technically a bit too young for that kind of stuff my mom left all her books laying around and did not really believe in hiding the R rated material , but I also feel weirdly lucky I was exposed to her writing early because it clearly influenced my ideas about sex in what I believe to be a positive way Her emphasis on sensuality, her honesty and frankness about the beautiful and complicated emotions that go with sex, the diversity of her characters, her female characters enjoyment of their bodies that kind of stuff is not usually what you are exposed to as a teenager, which is a shame But importantly, I learnt from Nin that sex is something you can write about shamelessly and beautifully, that you can make literature out of dirty stories and that is a wonderful thing I ll always have a soft spot for her work.But Henry and June is not fiction its material lifted or less directly from Nin s very detailed diaries, and documents the intense year of her life when she first met Henry Miller whose work I have never read, and must now absolutely get to and his wife June Nin becomes fascinated with June at first, but quickly devel While reading this I was thinking that Anais is a narcissistic bitch, which I don t really necessarily hold against her I m sure it makes reading her journals interesting than it would be otherwise On one hand she comes off as so egotistical, spending the majority of her pages on how wonderful other people think she is Oh, you are so beautiful you are so wonderful I love you than I could ever love another woman you are everything to me So on and so forth On the other hand, she is incredibly insecure She even admits she is constantly striking poses Considering there are no other hands, you see both sides of her are obsessed over the same thing herself I sense this even when she is raving about Henry and or June She s cheating on her poor husband who we are told worships her with Henry who we are also told worships her , and there are a few other men who also worship her, of course , and she is so worried about her own feelings over all this that she nonchalantly professes how innocent she feels when writing about her infidelities, even while just a few feet away from her unsuspecting or rather self blinding husband Sh I ve read Delta of Venus and Little Birds , which I enjoyed, but until I read this I had not realized what an incredible writer Nin is I also thought it was really interesting to see Henry Miller through her eyes I have read Dear Ana s, You think too much You need to act your age Get a job Honor your marriage vows or get a divorce You re like a teenager with a tattered, doodled spiral bound notebook and a Starbucks prepaid account app Or like one of our modern day hipsters, a trustafarian thinking you re so edgy in your ragged velvet dress with the holes in the elbows, going against convention in dive caf s and be Download Henry And June From The Unexpurgated Diary Of Ana S Nin Author Ana S Nin Chardonneret.eu Aan Het Begin Van De Jaren Dertig Ontmoet Ana S Nin, Die Getrouwd Is Met De Zeer Welgestelde Maar Keurige Saaie Bankier Hugo Guiler, De Dan Nog Onbekende Schrijver Henry Miller In Parijs Die Leidt Een Ongeregeld En In Nins Ogen Uiterst Romantisch Leven Hij Voelt Zich Onmiddellijk Tot Haar Aangetrokken, En Zijn Tot Hem N Tot Zijn Beeldschone Vriendin June Er Ontwikkelt Zich Een Driehoeksrelatie, Die Even Heftig Als Verwarrend Is En Waar Niemand Zonder Kleerscheuren Uit Komt Overrompelende Verliefdheid, Turbulente Erotiek, Dramatische Afloop In Nins Leven Gaat Niets Gewoon Zijn Gangetje En De Gepassioneerde Liefde Heeft Een Onverwachte Weerslag Op Haar Huwelijksleven Met Hugo.In Een Prachtige, Heldere En Beeldende Stijl Schrijft Ana S Nin Over De Hemel Van De Liefde En Over De Hel.

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French born novelist, passionate eroticist and short story writer, who gained international fame with her journals Spanning the years from 1931 to 1974, they give an account of one woman s voyage of self discovery It s all right for a woman to be, above all, human I am a woman first of all from The Diary of Ana s Nin, vol I, 1966 Ana s Nin was largely ignored until the 1960s Today she is

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