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Zorro A Swashbuckling Adventure Story That Reveals For The First Time How Diego De La Vega Became The Masked Man We All Know So Well Born In Southern California Late In The Eighteenth Century, Diego De La Vega Is A Child Of Two Worlds His Father Is An Aristocratic Spanish Military Man Turned Landowner His Mother, A Shoshone Warrior At The Age Of Sixteen, Diego Is Sent To Spain, A Country Chafing Under The Corruption Of Napoleonic Rule He Soon Joins La Justicia, A Secret Underground Resistance Movement Devoted To Helping The Powerless And The Poor Between The New World And The Old, The Persona Of Zorro Is Formed, A Great Hero Is Born, And The Legend Begins After Many Adventures Duels At Dawn, Fierce Battles With Pirates At Sea, And Impossible Rescues Diego De La Vega, Aka Zorro, Returns To America To Reclaim The Hacienda On Which He Was Raised And To Seek Justice For All Who Cannot Fight For It Themselves

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    Is it fair to give only 3 stars to such an exceptionally talented writer as Allende In my defense, I have to say that my judgement only applies to this particular novel Otherwise, I am very much a fan of her work and in my eyes she will always be five star writer As you might guess by my marking, this is my least favourite novel by Isabel Allende I ll get straight to the point It

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    When Magical Realism Met SuperheroesTalk about an origin story.If it were not for being Zorro s story, this would be considered quite classy literature Maybe it still is I am not familiar with the critical reception It is finely detailed and expertly constructed, weaving history and legend seamlessly Allende almost pulls it off, but the awareness of the ending seeps into the rest

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    I have been reading this book for almost a year and I m still only halfway through it so the likelihood that I m going to finish it are diminishing by the moment.I love the idea of this book The story of Zorro from his childhood Wow, what s not to like Except the story is told rather than shown There are paragraphs that take up full pages in a trade paperback no less and pages and

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    It takes a certain kind of skill to write a boring book about a character like Zorro, and apparently, Isabel Allende possesses such It also takes a certain brashness to pronounce your protagonist as fun in the first paragraph and several times following that and then fail to produce any real evidence of it.I was excited about the prospect of this book a great pulp hero like Zorro in

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    Este libro no trata sobre una aventura de El Zorro, si no de los or genes de este mito As nos enteramos de la raz n por la que el protagonista elige un zorro y no un perro o un le n De qui n le ense a esgrima, de las luchas contra los indios de su padre, un soldado espa ol, y de un mont n de aventuras mezcladas con el incre ble realismo m gico en el que tan bien se maneja Isabel Alle

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    Great backstory for the adult Zorro, aka Don Diego de la Vega, whose adventures were spun out in serial form by McCulley from the 20 s to the 40 s Allende renders a compelling saga at the turn of the 18th century with vivid characters from many walks of life and cultures We get a believable vision of how an upbringing could instill the necessary balance of compassion, crafty duality,

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    Arrivava un momento, a casa mia, quando ero pi piccola, in cui bastava che andasse in onda una sigla televisiva per far s che sulla cucina scendesse un aura di sacert senza eguali, era il momento in cui un cavallo nero impennava all orizzonte e la sigla televisiva faceva cos Zorro, Zorro, ha una vita segreta Zorro, Zorro il segno suo la zeta Per quante volte avessimo gi visto le trite

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    Having grown up watching the tv series, it was with pleasure that I started this novel Add to this that it was written by Isabel Allende, and my expectations soared Zorro is really an Origins story, recounting how the masked crusader came to be, piecing together all the key elements, from the circumstances of Diego s birth to his e...

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    What is it about Zorro Back when the Disney channel was watchable by people over age 16, they showed the Guy Williams Zorro, the ones in black and white The show is far older than I am, but it s still cool There was also the Zorro series on the Family Channel what is now ABC Family That series was good, far better than the Black Stallion series on the same channel And who can forget Anto

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    I LOVED this book Granted, I think Isabel Allende is one of the best authors I have ever read but despite my bias this was still a really good book I love the story of Zorro to begin with but Isabel Allende writes it from the point when Zorro s parents meet and then how he is born and becomes Zorro It is great historical fiction and I have always liked how Allende uses magic realism in he

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