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The Case of the Mummy Mystery (Jigsaw Jones, #6) Second Grade Detective Jigsaw Jones And His Partner, Mila, Have An Eerie Case To Wrap Up When A Mummy Is Spotted At The Class Halloween Party Humorous Line Drawings On Every Spread.

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    This is the sixth book in the Jigsaw Jones series of mysteries by James Preller The stories are short and entertaining, perfect for young elementary school age children just starting to get into chapter books This story was fairly simple and straightforward, but we liked the plot

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    I am a total Jigsaw Jones junkie I haven t read one of these books in a while, so it was like meeting an old friend the minute I started reading the story This book was a littlegross than most one of the boys is going to eat a worm for a Hallowee...

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    As the time for Halloween draws near, second grade detective Jigsaw Jones and his best friend Mila are once again on the case While their classmates are growing increasingly excited about the holiday and their costumes, Joey Pignattano causes quite a stir by promising to eat a worm

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    This very good episode of Jigsaw Jones series There was several things going on at same time Making it fast paced and keep you wanting , wanting to read next chapter and the next one Than suddenly you at end of book Also lots of pictures in this episode ma...

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    I read this book at the request of my school principal because a parent found it objectionable The principal could not remember why, perhaps a word she said Well, I have the entire set in the library for my elementary students to read and I have never been challenged over a Jigsaw Jo

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Owen says 3 stars This book was good I didn t really like that the mummy that Jigsaw s brother talked about for Halloween didn t show up They didn t need to put that in if it didn t really show up in the b

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    This book is different from the others in the series in several different ways, one Jigsaw isn t hired to find something, he s hired to keep a contest honest and two, its not as good as the others I have read and that was disappointing A friend comes to Jigsaw and says he entered a con

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    DRA 28 30Second grade detectives Jigsaw and Mila, go through the arduous task of solving a mummy mystery Their friend, Joey, had bet to eat a worm for a dollar during the class annual Halloween party But things gets complicated when the worm box goes missing and the number one suspect i

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    joey pignattano made a bet.the bet was that he was going to eat a worn for a dollar there a big problems that the worns go missing.it is up to the best detectives in town to solve the mystery.they are mila and jigsaw,they go right down t...

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    All Jigsaw Jones books are good, this one just wasn t great It was slightly scary, when all the kids were talking about mummies and the rumors of the bad things mummies had done I had to have a few off line di...

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