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The Niederbipp Trilogy, PLUS Forget-me-notes. Remembering Isaac, Discovering Isaac, Becoming Isaac, Forget-me-notes (Niederbipp Series) This Set Contains All Three Of The Best Selling Books In The Niederbipp Trilogy, Remembering Isaac, Discovering Isaac, And Becoming Isaac, As Well As The Limited Edition Forget Me Notes These Books Will Arrive In A No Frills Brown, Cardboard Box, And May Look Like They Were Wrapped Up By A No Nonsense Potter Signed By The Author The Perfect Gift For Those Who Are Already Familiar With The Niederbipp Series But Wanting Their Own Copy, Or For Anyone Just Starting Out With The Niederbipp Series These Are Books You Will Share With Everyone You Know Filled With The Wisdom Of A Village Potter, Isaac, Who Shaped Several Generations Of Niederbippians Who Wandered Into His Shop And Left A Little Bit BetterIf You Have Borrowed A Copy From Friends Or The Library, Now Is The Time To Get Your Own Copy That Can Be Loved, Dogeared, Read Again And Again, And Shared Viva Niederbipp

About the Author: Ben Behunin

It has long been my feeling that biographical sketches should be written in first person because almost all of them are written by the person they re about anyway, pretending to be someone else so as to make themselves look cool or important enough that someone would care to write something about them I am neither a great pretender, nor good at writing in third person, but I ll do what I can to make you feel like reading this was worthwhile.I was born at a very early age in Provo, Utah, the first child of seven children that joined the family over the next 14 years I was raised in primarily in Utah, but also lived in Ohio and Florida From the time I was very young, I enjoyed making art, drawing, carving, making up games and stories Through grade school and junior high, I lived in a neighborhood that was nearly exclusively occupied by old people Having no one to play with beyond my own siblings, I made friends with the old folks and would often sit with them on their porches and listen to their stories as they fed me lemon drops and moon pies.I was first exposed to pottery in a freshman ceramics class I took the class thinking it would be an easy A In reality, it was neither easy or an A I was terrible, my experience being much like Jake s in the book I kept working at it though and earned myself a small scholarship to Ricks College in Rexburg, Idaho where I continued my studies.A mission for my church took me to Switzerland, Germany and Austria for two years beginning in 1993 While living in Tiengen, Germany, I met Irene Adeler, a German potter who invited me to return and work for her in her Pottery in 1995 I spent four months as her apprentice before returning home to continue my education in Hawaii The experience in Germany was instrumental in my education and my decision to become a potter I continued to study art and business in Hawaii before transferring to the University of Utah.After making a few semesters worth of landfill art, I changed majors a couple of times and with sixteen credits left to graduate, I decided I would rather die than give anymoney or creativity to the school, so I dropped out and have never looked back Since 1996, I have been a full time potter I married Lynnette Scott in 1997 Our son Isaac was born four years later and Eve joined the family three years after that After borrowing a neighbors studio, and sharing one with a partner, I built a studio in my backyard This is also where I do most of my writing.I first visited Niederbipp in 1994 and thought it would be a great name for my first born Fortunately for my son, he has a very practical mother.When I m not making pots or pretending to be a writer, I like to eat strong cheese, listen to bluegrass music and hike in the mountains near my home, not necessarily all at the same time, but it wouldn t be a bad idea I wear bow ties whenever I have to dress up We don t have any pets, but sometimes we pretend we do I often dream I can fly, but that is another story.

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