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Bogwoppit Reading Bogwoppit Ursula Moray Williams Bandcamptomp3.co.uk BOGWOPPIT Is A Light Hearted, Lively Story, Brilliantly Told By Ursula Moray Williams, Author Of GOBBOLINO.When Aunt Lily Marries The Lodger And Goes To America, Orphaned Samantha Is Packed Off To Her Aunt Daisy, Who Lives In A Grand House At The Park Snooty Lady Daisy Clandorris Has No Time For Children Lucky For Samantha, Then, To Discover The Small, Furry Creature Living In The Cellar A Bogwoppit Believed Extinct Up Till NowReissued In A Puffin Book Series Of Puffin Modern Classics And Illustrated By Shirley Hughes. This is a book from my youth I only remember bits of it, but enough that I wanted to reread it.It is about an orphan girl whose guardian aunt was done with her and told her to go live with her antisocial aunt The antisocial aunt lives in a mansion in a park, and absolutely does not want the girl staying there The girl finds these strange creatures, Bogwoppits, living on the property She discovers they were thought to be extinct, and is deeply horrified when her aunt, who considers them pests, kills all of them with poison All but one The girl befriends the bogwoppit, and cooks up a scheme to get them protected Then she discovers that the bogwoppits have not all died, but they then kidnapped her aunt.Overall, the story was somewhat The book feels a bit dated now, A child being left to find somewhere to live whilst her relatives move to America to live, school does nothing just accepts the change How times have changed The Bogwoppit s Really fun story that isn t your typical plot Samantha is wonderfully gutsy, but well mannered and sensible which I really liked You didnt have to make excuses for her or pity her like other unwanted child I read this as a kid, and need to find a copy of it NOW I need a refresher Then I can write a better review I JUST KNOW IT WAS AWESOME.

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