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The Fate of the Tearling Alright, I d put off reading this for a long time, because I kept reading review after review about some sort of a wonky ending I loved both of the other books, and I just couldn t seem to bring myself to ruin it if Johansen decided to pull a Divergent on me, you know Ok, so this was the second time I d checked the book out from the library, and I almost let it go back againbut at the 11th hour I decided to grab my nuts just go for it.WHOA I m so glad I did Talk about an interesting ride This was such a cool story, I literally finished it in two days Sure, I had stuff to do, but you know how it is when a book is that good You re scared to see what happens next, but you have to see what happens next I gotta say that I did get the vast majority of my questions answered Enough, at least, that I m not pissed off by a ton of dangling threads And I had already figured out what the solution to all of this stuff would have to be by the halfway point, so that wasn t a surprise to me, eith I AM SO ANGRY AND UPSET RIGHT NOW.2.5 stars.This series is so important to me, let me put that out there I am so invested in this world and have been waiting for this finally for a while.I have really enjoyed reading 80% of this novel IT WAS BRILLIANT BUT BUT BUT The last 20% has ruined it for me personally.Reason for such low score ENDING WAS A COP OUT SO MANY QUESTIONS LEFT OPEN IT ALL GOT WAY TO COMPLICATED IN SUCH A SHORT SPACE OF TIME This last book was disjointed.i could literally cry.I LOVED BOOK ONE AND TWO WHY HAS THIS HAPPENED DONT READ ONWARDS FOR SPOLIER..WHY DO AUTHORS DO THIS The book ended with the classic and she woke up and it was all a dream Why do i feel like this world got to complicated for the author and she coped out with an ending.Don t get me wrong, it makes sense I get that Its her book not mine and she knows this story better then me.but personally, this ending is my worst nightma For me, I didn t like the ending at all I don t even know what to say I mean, I loved the first two books and there were parts of this book I REALLY loved Like what went on with the Red Queen, but there wasn t much of Pen or Fetch in it We do go back in time when Kelsea has her visions and see how it all started That part was kind of cool I m just not happy with the ending, that s all I got I m 14 Dec 16 blog goodreadsThis book propped up the series for me What I would otherwise consider an okay, but could ve been better two star debut trilogy is now a solid three stars.The questions I addressed in my review of the previous two books, particularly concerning the powerful necklace where it came from, what exactly were its powers, and why it only worked for Kelsea, where thankfully answered by the end of this book The answers, although fairly exciting and contributive to the worldbuilding and overall plot progression, unfortunately does not excuse the fact that the necklace is still a deus ex machina.At the end of the day, rather than the necklace being a tool for our heroine, it was Kelsea who was the tool for her necklace This really undermines her as a character and as a driving force of the trilogy , and I think this was largely what made this Maybe it s a 3.5 but I can t decideI m so so so deeply sad right now This has been one of my all time favorite series and I think the first two books are masterpieces, but this one just stumbled and fell on the ending It could have ended any other way and I think I would have been happy, but this ending is one of my ultimate pet peeves in terms o 1 The Queen of the Tearling 2 The Invasion of the TearlingThis, I think, is the crux of evil in this world, Majesty those who feel entitled to anything they want, anything they can grabI honestly feel like I don t know how I feel about this series There is so much good in this series, and such a strong sense of feminism, which brings up a lot of important and not commonly discussed topics the need for birth control and women to be able to protect themselves, rape culture, child abuse, human trafficking, the brain washing that can happen with religion and fear, body image issues and body shaming Yet, this series just never enthralled me the way it did others In fact, I gave The Queen of the Tearling and The Invasion of the Tearling three stars, too And that s truly how I feel about this book series It s good, and has some really unique concepts that blew me away, but it is also long winded, has some plot holes It never grew into anything that I would cherish, recommend, or want to reread in the future it was just a passable fantasy series, with strong female representation that I appreciated I know this is the final installment of this series, but I ll try to give a non spoiler synopsis Kingdoms are warring and kingdoms are breaking apart from their rulers Corruption a Actually me upon finishing this book All those writings and quotes from the first book that foreshadowed the greatness of the Glynn Queen the woman who saved and revitalized the world That was bullshit What even was the point of this series I ve been furiously angry about the ending of books plenty of times before, but at least they were endings to the same story I started reading This isn t even that This is Johansen either not knowing or not caring about figuring out how to get her story to the conclusion that was promised, so instead she used time travel to push a big old reset button It literally wipes out the events of the last two and a half books as well as the relationships and personalities of her characters They re all strangers living together in a utopia if they were born at all Really I m so disappointed Of all the series I ve been following in the last couple of years, this one showed real spirit and innovation Kelsea was a wonderfully morally ambiguous heroine such a rare thing in any genre Johansen s writing was strong and her vision was so clear, I was certain that this was going to have an incredible conclusion that would bring about everything that was hinted at in the first volume Instead I get whatever this is I could tell right away that somethin BOOKS The Fate Of The Tearling Erika Johansen Easyfaroairporttransfers.co.uk In Less Than A Year, Kelsea Glynn Has Grown From An Awkward Teenager Into A Powerful Monarch And A Visionary Leader.And As She Has Come Into Her Own As The Queen Of The Tearling, She Has Transformed Her Realm But In Her Quest To End Corruption And Restore Justice, She Has Made Many Enemies Chief Among Them The Evil And Feared Red Queen, Who Ordered The Armies Of Mortmesne To March Against The Tear And Crush Them.To Protect Her People From Such A Devastating Invasion, Kelsea Did The Unthinkable Naming The Mace, The Trusted Head Of Her Personal Guards, Regent In Her Place, She Surrendered Herself And Her Magical Sapphires To Her Enemy But The Mace Will Not Rest Until He And His Men Rescue Their Sovereign From Her Prison In Mortmesne.So, The Endgame Has Begun And The Fate Of Queen Kelsea And The Tearling Itself Will Be RevealedWith The Fate Of The Tearling, Erika Johansen Draws Her Unforgettable Story Full Of Magic And Adventure To A Thrilling Close. I put a lot of pressure on the conclusions of series Most readers do Annnnnnnnd Erika Johansen did not disappoint and wove a beautiful 3rd book and ending to this series The Fate of the Tearling deserves 5 5 starsThe ending was a bit of a moment I honestly did not expect that ending There were things I wanted from the conclusion of this book that I did not get Yet I must remind myself that the book itself was astonishing It brought the best elements of the previous 2 books The ending, although not what I would have preferred, did not ruin this series for me If you have not read this series, I urge to try it It has become one of my favourite fantasy series Erika Johansen created a world full of history and complex details To have a fantasy series dive into the world s history and how the world was developed is amazing Few books really do that For me, I loved it There were so many small details in this book that all come together in the end, every word she wrote had a purpose to the story I m sure this is a series that when you re read it, you catch something new every time and it makes it even better.Another reason this series is amazing is because there are soo many life lessons One of t Maybe it s just me or maybe the author has just gotten better and better with each installment I had some slight issues with each one but as they came along, all my questions and concerns got resolved Was I slightly annoyed at just how strong the young queen became, so quickly Maybe But practically everything else that happened in the tale supported the conceit and all the other characters drew me in, and in the second book all those concerns went away as I was drawn into the visions of the past within the second novel so I just didn t care about anything else But what about the third book Did it expand on all this great Fantasy awesomeness Yes Did I get even of the past and the world hopping and even present war and great sword action You betcha I did, and I got the best sequences of the Red Queen in all three of the novels, too She actually grew on me It helps that her circumstances had changed so damn much But then I come to the last great reveal action All to this point, I was really rocking to Johansen s writing and I was having a great time, and then we were thrown a WTF moment at the end Huh Trust me, you ll know it when you see it.But on reflection, and I had to keep recalling all the events leading up to this last event, I have to admit that while it s strange and I recall much worse examples of this kind of event

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