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Dead Woman Walking I m very familiar with Bolton s work so far I ve read the Lacey Flint series as well as a handful of standalones, and while Flint will always be a near and dear favorite, Dead Woman Walking might just be her most enjoyable solitary book to date The blurb on the back is very brief, which we all know I m a fan of, so you really haven t got a clue what to expect going in Don t read any reviews including this one if you re wanting to know absolutely nothing ahead of time there will be no spoilers here but I always like to give fair warning for those wanting to keep an open mind and a clean palate before picking up the book If nothing else, know that this was a mesmerizing thriller containing a slow burning mystery It was a perfect example of crime fiction featuring twisty characterization which makes it the perfect recommendation to anyone who likes the structure of a procedural with action and quick snippets of chapters.Where to start when there are so many wonderful attributes to this novel I love how the beginning chap 3.5 StarsMy reviews can also be seen at ve only read one of Sharon Bolton s previous books, but I really enjoyed it I was intrigued by the short blurb for Dead Woman Walking and was excited to begin reading.Sisters, Jessica and Isabel aka Bella aka Sister Maria Magdalena are very close, although Jessica wishes she understood her sister better Whenever Jessica asks her sister about the past or her choice to become a nun, Bella is quick to end the conversation I left that life behind a long time ago, I have a new family now A family in god For Bella s 40th Birthday, Jessica wants to do something memorable, so she organizes a hot air balloon ride.But what was supposed to be a one hour balloon ride, a birthday gift from one sister to another, turns into a nightmare.The passengers are having the time of their lives but then they see something they shouldn t have, the balloon crashes, leaving only one survivor in a fight for her life.I found the first part of the book really intense and I was definitely absorbed in the story But after a while, I found things got a bit confusing There was a long chase, a lot of police procedural stuff, as well as quite a few characters to keep track of.Switching from past to present was interestin Wow I just loved this book and love Sharon Bolton Dead Woman Walking is filled with twists and turns, ensuring that the reader is constantly second guessing wrongly in my case everything that is happening Bolton has crafted a brilliantly complex crime thriller, which is exceptionally plotted out that had me on the edge of my seat throughout and at times holding my breath and a bit scared to read onjust fantastic Sharon Bolton was already close to the top of my must read author list and this outing has established her at the number one spot If you haven t read any of her books, where have you been You really don t know what you are missing Pitch perfect plotting and dialogue that seamlessly integrates with the characters and situation means that the readers are treated to a read that they won t forget in a hurry A group of people enjoying a hot air balloon trip then they all witness something they shouldn t have, and so begins an insane cat and mouse roller coaster ride After reading those first chapters I have been put off hot air balloons for life Jessica is the only survivor and she ends up in a complete and utter nightmare situation I was pretty much holding my breath the entire way through this book and just willing for Jessica to get to safety My absolute favorite aspect of this book, which also added a bit of humor to the t 4.5 starsWhat a unique start to a book Jessica and her sister Isabel, who is a nun, are two of the thirteen people on a hot air balloon excursion Things go badly awry, and we immediately find ourselves on a wild ride to learn the fate of all aboard From there the plot thickens considerably as we become immersed in murders, family tragedies, human trafficking, corruption, and memories I read one review that said the plot was predictable I was dumbfounded In my opinion, nothing could be farther from the truth The plot is as intricate as a spider s web in true Bolton style, and I could not fathom how all of this was going to come together One of my favorite threads was the highly complex relationship between Jessica and Isabel, told mostly in flashbacks Another highlight was the scenes involving the nuns Sister Hildegard is a jewel Oh, and the peacocks I can t forget them.Not many authors can come close to Ms Bolton when it comes to painting a scene Her imagery is breathtaking, and she deftly transports the reader into the setting with ease I find the ambience of a Bolton novel generally to be as brilliant and as paramount as any of the characters and the plot This is one of the major reasons why Ms Bolton is in my small shrine of very favorite authors.Be warned, the tale is told within a complicated changing timeline, but by paying close attention to the chapter headings, I didn t find this to be an issue.There Billowy clouds on the horizon Wafting air on a crisp September day Sun glassed passengers enjoying the breath taking views from that air balloon high above the trees.A perfect day s outing turns deadly as this once aloft air balloon loses power suddenly and heads full tilt toward the power lines And now so close to Heaven for each and every one of them.Jessica Lane has planned an exciting birthday gift for her sister, Isabel How splendid would it be to rise above the riffraff of the world Once aboard, these passengers would later be eyewitnesses from high above to a murder happening from far below as a young girl is beaten and chased into the woods by a madman with a gun.In the tragic aftermath, one individual remains with breath in her body Jessica clings to the branches of the treetops and the impact of this realization sends her into shock From her on high position, she spots the madman and his dog going through the wreckage He saw her face as she was taking photos of him from her lofty position in the balloon Dead men tell no tales, but there s certainly a live one here as he s counted the passengers before the crash.Sharon Bolton presents another stellar thriller here with cat and mouse on steroids Her characters, as always, are well defined and 4.5 stars Dead Woman Walking is a cleverly crafted thriller, jampacked with twists and turns Brimming with tension and terror, this book had my heart racing until the very last page Jessica Lane surprises her sister Isabel with a hot air balloon ride to celebrate Isabel s birthday While enjoying the view, all 14 people on board, witness a horrific event that sets forth a chaotic and terrifying ride that ends in tragedy Jessica,the lone survivor, is being hunted by a killer But there s a lot to this story than what it seemsPeople s instincts for self preservation will nearly always outweigh their social conscienceAs the narrative shifts from past to present, revelations come to light concerning a nefarious crime syndicate, corrupt cops, and dark secrets about Jessica and Isabel s past While there are multiple plot lines, all seamlessly converge to expose a horrendous inhumane crimes.This book kept me guessing there were so many surprises 3.5 stars rounded up to a 4I m so happy I have already gone hot air ballooning as this book might have made me change my mind otherwise Thirteen people are enjoying a hot air balloon ride as the book begins Two of the thirteen riders are sisters, Jessica and Isabel Jessica has treated her sister, Isabel to a hot air balloon ride for her birthday The sisters are close even though Isabel is a practicing nun and they can only visit once a month As the balloon occupants are enjoying their ride, they see something horrific on the ground a man murdering a young woman He notices the hot air balloon and tragedy ensues.The beginning of this book is tense and full of suspense I was on the edge of my seat as the people in the balloon tried to survive What would be their fate Who is the man on the ground What will happen next Will there be any survivors Over the next couple of hours days, the action in the book dies down and things become less suspenseful Detective Superintendent Ajax Maldonado has been called in to investigate the case He determines that there is a missing survivor, but he is not the only one who knows about the missing woman The man in the beginning of the book is also hunting the survivor Who will find her first This book is told through the present day and through flashb A fantastic, thrilling traveling sister read with my Canadian sisters Norma and Brenda What could be a better birthday present than a hot air balloon ride Jessica treats her sister Isabel to an experience of a lifetime But of course this special treat ends in tragedy, with most of the balloon party dead and the remaining survivor running for her life Why won t she go to the police for help What is she so frightened of I had a hard time connecting with this book in the beginning So much happening from different angles that I kept wondering how or even if it would all come together Left me confused, and felt like I missed something along the way Told in different timelines, I occasionally found myself stumbling to keep track Finally, near the half way mark, I was supremely confident I had it all figured out So when the first bomb shell twist occurred, it just about knocked me off my sofa At that point it s like a run away train don t look away or you ll miss something huge Turns out, the book is jammed packed full of curve balls And I only managed to figure one of them out Perhaps losing my touch No Sharon Bolton is just that good Bravo So be patient, it is absolutely worth the wait for all the twists and shock BOOKS Dead Woman Walking By Sharon J Bolton Airdomains.co.uk Bolton Is A Gripping Storyteller With Fine, Haunted Characters Peter JamesJust Before Dawn In The Hills Near The Scottish Border, A Man Murders A Young Woman At The Same Time, A Hot Air Balloon Crashes Out Of The Sky There S Just One Survivor.She S Seen The Killer S Face But He S Also Seen Hers And He Won T Rest Until He S Eliminated The Only Witness To His Crime.Alone, Scared, Trusting No One, She S Running To Where She Feels Safe But It Could Be The Most Dangerous Place Of All. Traveling Sisters NetGalley Sister Review by Norma with Brenda, and Kaceey s thoughts.4 stars for an extremely clever story DEAD WOMAN WALKING by SHARON BOLTON is an action packed, intense, compelling, and tension filled crime thriller novel that grabbed our attention right away with the unique start to this story with a tragic incident involving a hot air balloon ride.The action starts off right away and had us using our detective skills quite early on trying to figure out the direction of the story and the motives of the dead woman walking Norma s thoughts I personally like going into all my books blind as I like to try to figure out the direction of the story on my own with little detail as possible This one had me totally confused so I did have to read the synopsis after a few chapters in which didn t really help me all that much still leaving me with questions than answers But, I guess that is good though We all had a little trouble connecting with the story at first and struggled with the multiple narratives and the plot jumping back and forth in time although it did create a constant sense of unease throughout this story though Sending Kaceey off in the wrong direction, Norma asking questions and finding out that she was heading in the right direction, and leaving Brenda with a nagging feeling something is up here That s what made this a very interesting reading experience for us and w

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