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Claiming the Enemy (Pulse #3) Medical romances are a bit like catnip to me I openly admit I have a penchant for a dirty doctor and Claiming the Enemy does indeed contain a dirty doctor in the form of Dr Alexander Ace Lennox.My lower rating here is simply down to storyline content, because it didn t really have much backbone to it Ace and Piper were endearing and fabulous together with a magnetic chemistry they don t waste any time in generating the heat, but that s pretty much it to them They were lacking in terms of character development and the parts of the story I thought were heading somewhere, never really materialised which was a shame because the possibilities were thereKnowing that you re wearing these means that this won t end here Nothing else has changed, so these fuck me Dr Lennox panties need to stay at home But it was enjoyable and if you re looking for an easygoing shorter, sexy ride then this ticks the boxes And whilst part Reviewed for herding cats burning soup the Enemy Lordy but it s sexy as all get out and turned me into a reading fiend I couldn t put this one down Dishes Laundry Pffft they sure weren t happening until I finished that last page.The quick of it is that Piper, well, she got herself a fake boyfriendon accident See she was trying to avoid an obnoxious ex and kinda joined her boss and his mama by sitting down at their lunch table And crazy of crazy thingshe went along with the act They ve rubbed each other a spot wrong at work but damn if desire didn t rise hard and fast and, well, insistent on being taken care of So they re gonna fake being a couple But no getting attached, yall They will NOT get attached snort Ace and Piper were a good time She has a tendency to say all the wrong thing at all the wrong times and is a bit of a free spirit and he s grumpy as hell and pretty curmudgeonly And somehow once they stripped out of their scrubs they re both doctors and met on neutral territory they totally worked It was fun watching them figure out that the other was than they d thought over the past few weeks when they d been growling at one another ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review Paging Dr Lennox my e reader got overheated from this explosive sexual chemistry brewing between Ace and Piper Two hot doctors getting it onyes please Lauren Hawkeye didn t disappoint readers who were looking for a quick dirty love story of two complete opposites While this book had the sexual chemistry down, I did find this story lacked the emotional and character development to help build the romantic connection between Ace and Piper I just wanted something a little to reassur Dr Lennox and Dr Dawson WHOA Talk about explosively hot My Kindle damn near overheated from what these two were putting out there and I gotta say, I liked it The dirty talking Ace was a delight, a true panty melter, and if he wanted to claim own ME, I d be thrilled For him, and his sexy AF mouth and moves alone, Claiming the Enemy is worth the one click Justbe prepared for thigh clenching when you read, okay Likewise, Piper gave as good as she got, and her sass, coupled with her desire for Ace s bossiness spoke to me As in, I agreed with her need for this wicked hot doc Who wouldn t Having said that, this book wasn t perfect although it was vastly enjoyable A quick read, I felt like, at times, certain aspects of the storyline were glossed over I would have liked a little depth and discussion over Ace s past, and Piper s plans for the future, and maybe a slightly longer ending something a bit further in the future to reas Claiming the Enemy is part of the Pulse series by Cathryn Fox, Mari Carr, and Lauren Hawkeye Each book is a stand alone but you see characters from the 2 books in this one I have not read the first two in the series and I didn t feel lost or as if I was missing a part of the story This is an opposites attract enemies to lovers kind of romance with some heat There were some sizzling scenes between these two Piper has worked really hard to get where she is as an emergency room physician She was a foster child growing up and never felt as if she fit in Ace lost his wife to a drunk driver, so he has given up on love or letting anyone get close When Ace first meets Piper he is irritated by her but as he talks to her , she breaks down his emotional walls I felt like things with Ace s mom were left a little unresolved The last we saw from her she was giving disapproving glances at Piper and trying to set Ace up with another girl I would have liked to see Ace finally stand u Piper Dawson has had a rough life Raised in foster families, she never felt like she belonged with any family she was with Because of that, she s learned you have to fight for what you get no one is going to just give it to you Now she s working in the ER of a top hospital, almost finished with her residency, she s scouting hospitals to be a doctor at The problem Her supervisor Must he be such an ass on a daily basis They haven t seen eye to eye from day one and no matter how hard she tries, no one can break through his steel reserve Probably no recommendations coming from him Dr Lennox, Ace, is the hospital s resident supervisor and he s highly respected in his field Things haven t been the same for him since he lost his wife three years ago to a drunk driver Now any women he dates, is just for sex He won t allow himself to get close to anyone else, ever again If only his mother would stop with the matchups, he would be happy One day while he is having lunch with his mother, Piper shows up in need of saving from her ex Piper kisses Ace and time stops He sees this as a way both can win, so they pretend to be dating Get away from ex throw Mom off her matchmaking game In I ll probably have to go with of a 2 1 2 star rating with this installment of the Pulse Series For me the emotional chemistry was lacking with Ace and Piper The sexual chemistry was full on down and dirty, which I liked, but I want a deeper connection between main characters, and I just didn t find that here The sex scenes were SMOKIN HOT and the dirty talk was on point, but I would have liked to see romance I wasn t that big of a A very easy read, albeit a very short one that places the focus on the physical relationship than the emotional one I did think the setting unusual a hot medical romance that develops out of a kiss and playacting during break time at a nearby pub and a refreshing change from the other books in this imprint so far A non fan of medical dramas or romance can easily appreciate this though, seeing as Lauren Hawkeye has made the story accessible especially if what happens in the hospital is secondary without technical jargons peppering every dialogue But the story s brevity has also compromised several aspects that I would have loved to read about the lack of character depth and development since all the pages seemed to go on about sex rather than Ace and Piper working out their personal issues together which never quite happened , as well as the angst that should have come with it but didn t given the subject matter There were times I thought both behaved like idiots not wanting anything than sex then Piper Dawson Has Spent A Lifetime Living By Other People S Rules She S Worked Hard To Get What She Wants A Residency At Her First Choice Hospital And No One Will Ever Tie Her Down Again, Not Even Her Severe Yet Incredibly Sexy Supervisor, Dr Alexander Ace Lennox.Ace Is Done With Love He S Had His Heart Shattered, And He Never Wants To Go There Again But When He S Inexplicably Enticed By The Sexy, Tattooed Woman With Blue Streaks In Her Hair And A Perpetual Smile On Her Lips, He Figures That Maybe He Can Keep It To Just Sex The Problem He Thrives On Control, And Piper Dances Just Around The Edges Of It.But When They Re Together, Control Is The First Thing To GoEach Book In The Pulse Series Is A Standalone, Full Length Story That Can Be Enjoyed Out Of Order Series Order Book 1 Engaging The Bachelor Book 2 Seducing The BossBook 3 Claiming The Enemy This review was originally posted on Cocktails and BooksCLAIMING THE ENEMY was the first book I ve read in the Pulse series, but the blurb for the book intrigued me Lauren Hawkeye is always good for steamy reads, so I figured I d give it a try.Ace and Piper definitely have chemistry and could cause third degree burns from their smexiness But there was something about this couple that had me scratching my head Piper was down to earth, had a bit of a wild side, but worked hard to get where she was in the ER Ace was the doctor in charge that had the uppity upbringing and snooty mother So when Piper approached Ace and his mother and pretended to be with him, it left me wondering why she d use her supervisor like that when they didn t seem to get along Unfortunately, sexy times weren t enough to save this

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Lauren Hawkeye Lauren Jameson never imagined that she d wind up telling stories for a living though when she looks back, it s easy to see that she s the only one who is surprised Always the kid who read all the time , Lauren made up stories about her favorite characters once she d finished a book and once spent an entire year narrating her own life internally No, really But where she wa

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