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The Big Questions: A Short Introduction to Philosophy (with Source CD-ROM) THE BIG QUESTIONS, Th Edition, Covers Philosophy S Central Ideas In An Accessible, Approachable Manner You Ll Explore Timeless Big Questions About The Self, God, Justice, And Other Meaningful Topics, Gaining The Context You Need For An Understanding Of The Foundational Issues, As Well As The Confidence To Establish Your Own Informed Positions On These Big Questions This Edition Is Now Also Available With MindTap Philosophy, A System Of Tools And Apps From Note Taking To Flashcards That Help You Understand Course Concepts, Achieve Better Grades, And Set The Groundwork For Your Future Courses

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    Robert C Solomon sBig Questions A Short Introduction to Philosophy did exactly what it was supposed to do explain the subject matter of philosophy clearly and make that subject matter relevant to everyday life Any student who will use this book in a classroom

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    This is a fantastic introduction because it recognizes the central aspect of philosophy as the careful articulation of one s own thoughts, and it encourages the reader to dive in and do philosophy while he or she works through the fundamental human questions in th

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    Highly recommended as an overview of important philosophical thought Well written and engaging.

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    A good round up of some of the most important philosophers, and discussion on their views If you are starting from zero, it s probably a good text A nice index that does not form a full view, but will give good references on where to expand your knowledge on said philosop

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    This is a superb text for teaching Introduction to Philosophy The writing is clear and concise, which is not always true, even of books written for freshmen, and the author comprehensively covers all of the major areas of philosophy Anyone who was a simply interested in philo

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About the Author: Robert C. Solomon

Robert C Solomon September 14, 1942 January 2, 2007 was a professor of continental philosophy at the University of Texas at Austin.Early lifeSolomon was born in Detroit, Michigan His father was a lawyer, and his mother an artist After earning a B.A 1963 at the University of Pennsylvania, he moved to the University of Michigan to study medicine, switching to philosophy for an M.A 1965 and Ph.D 1967.He held several teaching positions at such schools as Princeton University, the University of California, Los Angeles, and the University of Pittsburgh From 1972 until his death, except for two years at the University of California at Riverside in the mid 1980s, he taught at University of Texas at Austin, serving as Quincy Lee Centennial Professor of Philosophy and Business He was a member of the University of Texas Academy of Distinguished Teachers Solomon was also a member of the inaugural class of Academic Advisors at the Business Roundtable Institute for Corporate Ethics.His interests were in 19th century German philosophy especially Hegel and Nietzsche and 20th century Continental philosophy especially Sartre and phenomenology, as well as ethics and the philosophy of emotions Solomon publishedthan 40 books on philosophy, and was also a published songwriter He made a cameo appearance in Richard Linklater s film Waking Life 2001 , where he discussed the continuing relevance of existentialism in a postmodern world He developed a cognitivist theory of the emotions, according to which emotions, like beliefs, were susceptible to rational appraisal and revision Solomon was particularly interested in the idea of love, arguing against the notion that romantic love is an inherent state of being, and maintaining, instead, that it is instead a construct of Western culture, popularized and propagated in such a way that it has achieved the status of a universal in the eyes of many Love for Solomon is not a universal, static quality, but an emotion, subject to the same vicissitudes as other emotions like anger or sadness.Solomon received numerous teaching awards at the University of Texas at Austin, and was a frequent lecturer in the highly regarded Plan II Honors Program Solomon was known for his lectures on Nietzsche and other Existentialist philosophers Solomon described in one lecture a very personal experience he had while a medical student at the University of Michigan He recounted how he stumbled as if by chance into a crowded lecture hall He was rather unhappy in his medical studies at the time, and was perhaps seeking something different that day He got precisely that The professor, Frithjof Bergmann, was lecturing that day on something that Solomon had not yet been acquainted with The professor spoke of how Nietzsche s idea asks the fundamental question If given the opportunity to live your life over and over again ad infinitum, forced to go through all of the pain and the grief of existence, would you be overcome with despair Or would you fall to your knees in gratitude Solomon died on January 2, 2007 at Zurich airport His wife, philosopher Kathleen Higgins, with whom he co authored several of his books, is Professor of Philosophy at University of Texas at Austin.