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Tales of the Peculiar Do You Know What Lived In The Ancient Forests, Before We Walked The Earth Do You Know Of The Giants And Cannibals Who Came Before Us Do You Know The Origins Of The First Ymbryne These Are The Stories That Came Long Before Us Peculiars, And That Will Outlive Us All

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    I am generally not a fan of tie in novels but consider me converted.Throughout the Peculiar Children series, they refer to this storybook There weren t as many stories as I expected only 10 As with the original series, the powers are inventive, the plot is quirky and the stories are fun.The Splendid Cannibal A population of peculiars can regrow limbs at will A grou

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    I absolutely adored this Review to come

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    Tales of the Peculiar is a collection of 10 short stories featuring the peculiars most beloved folklore I have yet to read the peculiar trilogy by Ransom Riggs, but since I absolutely loved his Talking Pictures, I decided to give this one a go And it was one of the best decisions I made todayPassed down from generation to generation since time immemorial, each story

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    Loved some, didn t love others Nice to dive back into this world

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    Well, this was utterly delightful Tricky cannibals, a ball of nightmares that follows you around, and manystrange and wonderful inhabitants This short but rich book is written with masterful style, and manages to make its characters endearing without being maudlin and without trying too hard for sentimentality and quirkiness And it s funny In a very sly, deadpan way, p

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    The newest addition to the wonderful universe of the Peculiar Children and their surroundings, created by Ransom Riggs, is every bit as interesting and special as Miss Peregrine s Trilogy No It s even better You won t find our familiar Peculiars in this collection, what we see is their ancestors struggle to cope with their talents and with the cruel ways society used to

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    The first ymbryne wasn t a woman who could turn herself into a bird, but a bird who could turn herself into a woman When I heard the news about this book, my heart was floating away As everyone knows that I am a die hard fan of Ransom Riggs because his works always excite and inspire me in the whimsical way I loved his writing style and cherish his ideas even though I do

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    There are some really good stories in this book and some others that I didn t care for too much The first one I loved and it was just so gruesome and funny.

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    Surprisingly Strong, Deep, Meaningful short story with many layersOf Acceptance, and Prejudice rejection..Of the hardness of finding friends..And the complicated relation between Fathers Sons..with Kafkaian Atmosphere..Of Dreams NightmaresOf selling oneself, of greed and living on credit , of capitalism, banking, even silencing a revolution All very beautifully illustrated

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    quick and fun read if you like the other books then read this one

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