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Aurangzeb: The Man and the Myth PDF Epub Aurangzeb The Man And The Myth By Audrey Truschke Thomashillier.co.uk Aurangzeb Alamgir R 1658 1707 , The Sixth Mughal Emperor, Is Widely Reviled In India Today Hindu Hater, Murderer And Religious Zealot Are Just A Handful Of The Modern Caricatures Of This Maligned Ruler While Many Continue To Accept The Storyline Peddled By Colonial Era Thinkers That Aurangzeb, A Muslim, Was A Hindu Loathing Bigot There Is An Untold Side To Him As A Man Who Strove To Be A Just, Worthy Indian King.In This Bold And Captivating Biography, Audrey Truschke Enters The Public Debate With A Fresh Look At The Controversial Mughal Emperor.

About the Author: Audrey Truschke

Audrey Truschke is assistant professor of South Asian history at Rutgers University, Newark.

10 thoughts on “Aurangzeb: The Man and the Myth

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    Aurangzeb has been cast as an unmitigated villain by the British, a myth which has been enthusiastically adopted by Hindutva apologists to further their agenda of projecting Muslims as cruel bigots and ruthless killers The truth, as usual, is much nuanced.The casual reader and scholar alike, however, should be wary of what constitutes historical evidence and a legitimate historical claim Individuals that claim to present evidence of Aurangzeb

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    Short review One word to describe this book SHAMEFULGenocide denial is a crime in several parts of the world But in India, especially in regards to Hindu history, glorifying fanatic and rabid mass murderers not only does not land you in jail but instead makes you an intellectual and an accomplished writer Having the privilege of white skin, like Audrey Truschke, makes things even easier.Let me just ask a few questions Can you write a book glorifying

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    In this book Audrey Truschke takes up the challenge of addressing one of the most controversial figures of Indian history The book should be read in the spirit it was written as a preliminary engagement exploration of alternative understandings about Aurangzeb A historian s task to this extent is doubly challenging identifying the source material and putting aside one s predispositions and prejudices in the task of interpreting the sources Truschke claims s

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    If you care about serious, objective history, this book is pure rubbish The sort of cherry picking of facts that this book employs is adequate to convince the lay reader that Aurangzeb was one of the most pious rulers to have ever walked the face of this Earth At some junctions, the arguments are so wafer thin that they are laughable These perversions would undoubtedly appeal to the honora...

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    Thoroughly enjoyed the book, for all Non history Persons, its a very simple read This book deals with the most hated person in India, and offers a narrative as to how we are all wrong Aurangzeb tried to be a just king in Medieval India, and one should not attempt to judge based on modern perspectives Aurangzeb like all had many faults, but not that we often accuse him of, being a religious bigot...

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    Old wine in an old bottle that is the impression one feels after reading this small book on the last great Mughal emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir He was a controversial figure then, as now All of India, with the exception of a bunch of Left leaning career historians, consider Aurangzeb as a tyrant who harassed and intimidated the non Muslim, non Sunni subjects in untold number of ways This dislike comes out in ways than one Aurangzeb ki Aulad progeny of Aurangzeb is an invective in

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    Someone Else s Sins Will Not Justify Your Sins The author desperately tried to defend Aurangzeb by just saying those where common practice at that time, given the opportunity Dara Shukoh would did the same Most idiotic thing she wrote that Hindu Kings also demolished Temple...

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    History in India suffers from a perception extremity Either a king is good and great or he is vile and terrible Sadly, there is no middle path to understand the subtle shades of grey Also our views are colored by the early historians who were mostly British and possibly on the payroll of the company or later day Indian historians who came with their own baggage of political bias Pandit Nehru included and presented us a history as they interpret and not history as it happened.Tipu Sultan is a

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    Boy, was this guy a complex person The best thing about heated public debates is that it pushes scholars to dig deeper to resolve thorny arguments in the public sphere Truschke does a great job in writing a fast paced, highly readable account that I d recommend to anyone What it paints is a portrait of a man...

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    Aurangzeb was a man of his times, not ours.He was a man of studied contrasts and perplexing features.He did not hesitate to slaughter family members, or rip apart enemies, literally as was the case with Sambhaji.At the same time he swed prayer caps by hand and professed a desire to lead a pious muslim life.H...

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