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Franco Allessi Is A Broken, Lonely Man Who Wants Nothing Than To Outrun The Ghosts Of His Past For Years, He Tries To Numb The Pain Of His Wife S Death With Cheap Beer And Whiskey When He S Convicted Of Drunk Driving, The Judge Revokes His License For Six Months And Orders Him To Serve Fifty Hours Of Community Service Franco Chooses Savannah Falls Hospice For No Reason Other Than It S Walking Distance From His Dilapidated House Trailer On His First Day On The Job, He Meets Aubrey Brewer, A Woman Whose Time On Earth Is Quickly Ticking To A Stop Their Unusual Connection Teaches Powerful, Life Changing Lessons About Friendship, Acceptance, And The Importance Of Appreciating That Precious Treasure Called Life 50 Hours

About the Author: Loree Lough

With the upcoming release of the books in her new Kensington series, bestselling author Loree Lough will have 121 books on the shelves 8,000,000 copies in circulation Her writing style has been compared to Nicholas Sparks and Mary Jo Putney, and readers and reviewers often call her a gifted writer whose stories touch hearts and change lives With a long list of industry awards, it isn t likely this prolific author will ever retirenot even to her cozy li l cabin in the Allegheny Mountains She loves to hear from her readers and personally answers every letter sent to to see some of Loree s available titles.

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    This is a really emotional and beautiful story that should be read by so many people, those touched by the grief and mourning, same as those who didn t experienced that kind of tragedy.Franco is a man who can not reconcile with his loss even three years after the death of his wife It seems that all that negative life giving

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    Received an Advance Reader Copy in exchange for a fair review 3.5 starsHeartwarming and moving story about friendship, love, terminal illness and death There s no romantic couple but I didn t miss it, there s a web of other significant and sometimes unexpected relationships There s some inevitable sadness but the general tone

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    50 Hours by Loree LoughI so enjoyed the depth of characters in this book Loree Lough has produced a story line that not only captured my heart but sent my emotions in all directions as I read this remarkable story She adapted the screenplay, 50 Hours, by Kevin James O Neill into a poignant story that brings the characters to life

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    Franco Alessi has been numbing the pain of his wife s death with alcohol for years When he s convicted of driving drunk, the judge sentences him to 50 hours of community service He chooses a hospice house only because it s within walking distance of his run down house trailer Aubrey Brewer is in the last stages of brain cancer and l

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    Loree did an amazing job writing this book It s a story of hope, second chances, and friendship I would recommend the book to anyone.Aubrey is facing a situation no one wants to face but she does it with grace and dignity I love her spunk and feisty attitude We should all face trials with a fun attitudeFranco has a troubled past and ne

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    According tothis is classified as medical fiction Personally, I d also put it in the genre of women s fiction, although obviously guys will like it too Jack Watts wrote one of the accolades forPut me down as one enthusiastic fan.Franco Allessi is a bummed out ne er do well who d rather drink his memories away than live, resulting in a DUI

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    50 Hours Franco has to do community service and ends up doing it a hospice home He forms a special friendship with a coupe of the residents One of which is Aubrey Franco wasn t always like he is now, but changed and really changed after meeting Aubrey Love how he makes her last days so special Love this quote from the book Hug the people who

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    While pursing Net Galley for something to read I came across 50 Hours by Loree Lough Never have I read any books by this author, I decided to give it a try I am glad I picked this book to read This is a heartfelt book about a man down on his luck and goes to do his community service at Savannah Falls Hospice Here he meets a number of people who

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    Best book I ve read in a long timeThe author captured so many emotions in this story The grief, the friendship, the love and the knowing of what s to come Two people in different worlds collide to form a friendship that will never be forgotten This book is amazing Is it sad Yes it is sad but not in the way you think it may actually be It gives us

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    I ll start out by saying this this past January, I celebrated 24 years of uninterrupted sobriety through the grace of God As a person who knows what it means to drink your pain away, this book was really touching to me Franco Allessi is drowning in the sorrow of losing the love of his life, his wife, by drinking his life away He has lost his business

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