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When I Pray for You When I Pray For You is a new children s book wrote by Matthew Paul Turner and illustrated by Kimberley Barnes I had my children help me with this review, as it is geared for them What my daughter liked about the book is the beautiful illustrations I have to agree the book has beautiful colored pictures on every page My daughter said, The book is about a girl whose mom watches and prayers over her day and night Her favorite Full review on FaithfullyBookish.comMatthew Paul Turner s children s picture books remain among our family s favorites, even as we grow out of the traditional picture book ages Each one of our children has spent time reading the pages and or admiring the adorable and relatable illustrations, again soaking up each detail and pointing out parts that appeal to each of them individually.It is a joy to see our children pour over the pages of an affirming and faith filled book like this one The bright and cheery artwork and heartfelt prose This is one of the most beautifully written children s books I have read The best one on prayer It captured all three of my children s attention and reminded us of how and why we pray for our kids I have prayed for my kids from the day they were born and this book also showed me ways to change how I pray for them at the ages they are at From the big things to the small things the value of prayer Matthews book are so incredibly Beautifully illustrated The story lines are perfectly described to children to help them feel and knows Gods love This book falls nothing short of amazing and covers all the aspect When I Pray For You is a sweet book to read to your kiddos or grandbabies as a reminder of your undying love for them More than just a book that talks about now when they re little this book even tells the kids about your unconditional love throughout their future as preteens, teens, and adults I loved the rhyming of the words and how the illustrations perfectly captured the feeling of the book peaceful and welcoming The words are easy to understand for littles though they may not understand the older teen references at the time It is a book that would likely commit itself to one s memory over time and if read often enough, I could easily see it being remembered as the child grows up, almost like a song.One aspect that I didn t care for was the mention of teens and their stereotypical attitudes in the story and that it was spoken about as if the child would be expected to act like that without the option or opportunity to avoid it Yes, typical teens do have My grandchildren have loved Matthew Paul Turner s books They are fun, heart felt, and helpful in helping discuss different spiritual matters with your kids and grand kids Through the colorful and entertaining illustrations this book shows that prayer is not just done in church The bible says pray without ceasing This gives the child a peek into how often parents pray for their kids It may not be audible for them to hear but it is definitely on going.The book starts out with a mom rocking a baby, From the moment I saw you I started to pray As the book goes on and the baby gets bigger there are all different scenarios the mother prays When you giggled out loud or made yourself proud To God I said, Thank you, and to you I said, wow I liked the line that affirms the parent in the story as well There is a picture of children praying outside Cause when I pray for you God knows this is true, every word I whisper is a prayer for me too I read this book to my grand kids and they were fascinated by the pictures and interested in the story My granddaughter said, read it again This book beautifully expresses a love of a parent for a child, how God loves us and maybe they will realize that parents need prayers too.This book blessed my soul I know it will bring an understanding and love to the parent child relationship I highly recommend this book to everyone big and smallDisclosure of Material Connection I received a complimentary copy of this book When I pray for you is a delightful book for parents to read to their children about all the times and ways we pray for them I love that it begins with from the moment I saw you which includes adoptive and foster parents As an adoptive mom, I really appreciate books that help my daughter feel included This book is colorful and beautifully illustrated with interesting pictures with lots for little ones to enjoy and discover each time through the book My daughter is almost nine and she still enjoyed reading this with me She sat on my lap and snuggled up Listening to me read these words made her feel so loved and cherished I would highly recommend this book to every parent I was given a preview copy of the book by the publisher to review, but the opinions reflect my honest feelings about the book In some ways this book is also a good remind This wonderful picture book is meant to be shared with children and the adults who love them since the message if the text is from the loved one who prays for the child It covers a multitude of circumstances and even includes modern slang, like when you re chill This will reassure little ones that they are cared for and loved by their caregivers and by God It also will touch the heart of the adult The delightful illustrations with sweet children by Kimberley Barnes add to the delight of the book My one complaint is that some of the rhymes do not flow well Often I had to read the page over than once to get the proper flow so I suggest practicing first before reading the book aloud I think the author could have perfected the rhythm better As a writer myself, I have often hea USA Today Bestseller Publishers Weekly Bestseller Wall Street Journal Bestseller From The Author Of The Best Selling When God Made You Comes A New Illuminating Message About God S Design Affirming Young Readers.With Lyricism, Whimsy, And Heartfelt Emotion, Matthew Paul Turner Reveals The Tender Emotions Connected With Watching A Beloved Child Grow Up And Experience The World Paired With Kimberley Barnes S Vivid And Playful Illustrations, When I Pray For You Is A Beautifully Affirming Book, In Which Children And Parents Will See Their Own Stories Come To Life When I Pray For You Celebrates The Dreams, Hopes, And Longings Parents Pray Over Their Children, And Shares With The Little Ones How Much Care And Concern A Loved One Feels For Them.This Is A Book You Will Read To Your Child Again And Again Perfect For Any Occasion, As Well As For Milestones Including Baby Showers, Birthdays, And GraduationsFrom The Moment I Saw You,I Started To Pray Big Prayers And Small OnesI Have Sent God S Way.I Prayed You Felt Safe,full Of Joy And Content When I Whispered I Love You,you Knew What I Meant. Loved this beautiful children s book so much Full of bright and tasteful pictures with lots of details, my toddler spent a lot of time on each page looking at each part And the poem from a parent telling their child all of the things they are praying for them will resonate with any parent that wants the best for their child I love the emphasis on the gift the child is from God and how

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