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A fun book about how a mother creatively gets her tired son to walk home all the way from the park Thomas has had a full day of playing at the park and when it s time to go home he asks his mom to carry him She plays a series of games that include jumping, swimming , and flying home And before he knows it, tired Thomas is home.Great illustrations. This is one of those books that you should share with your kids every few months or so, both for them and for you I wish I remembered this book and its ideasoften.Elizabeth has decided that she needs a copy of this book, she loves it so much I have absolutely loved this book since I was young I haven t seen it in forever and the other day it was donated to the library so I read it again Still as cute and fun as it used to be If you have little kids I recommend this book. This book was also a great motivator for being a better mom You can take ordinary activities, like walking home, and make them into something fun The only reason I gave this book 4 stars is because I didn t like the illustrations as well. What Do You Get When You Combine A Too Tired Toddler And A Creative Mom The Solution Is Familiar To Parents The World Over Corbin enjoyed this story because he was able to relate to the little boy in the story wanting to be picked up It has great strategies for mom too Cute. Engaging colors, humorous artistry Creative premise, yet every parent can relate However the mother child lack illustrative charm and the prose is drab which makes for a halfway enjoyable book. cute book about the creative abilities of mothers with toddlers. The story is cute, and the illustrations are beautiful Plus is is super affordable My two year old loved this one This was the first time in a long time that a new book held her attention. Will You Carry Me?

About the Author: Heleen Van Rossum

I was born in Utrecht, the Netherlands, where I started writing my first books at seven They never got further than the first chapter I picked up writing again in 1997 In the meantime I studied history and archive studies, moved to England and the United States, worked, taught, and had two children, who were the inspiration for my picture books when they were younger.When I am not writing I work as an archivist and researcher I live with my family in New Jersey.

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