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The Healing Power of Plants: The Hero House Plants that Love You Back Plants Make People Happy This Gorgeous, Modern Guide Features Over Indoor Plants That Will Turn Your House Into A Happy, Healthy, Healing HomeDiscover Plants That Will Clean The Air You Breathe, Help You Get A Good Night S Sleep, Reduce Stress And Anxiety, Help You Get Well Soon, Boost Your Brain Power And Bring Greater Joy And Wellbeing Into Your LifeFrom Cacti And Succulents To Ferns And Palms Flowering Plants And Foliage Find The Perfect House Plants For Your Living Room, Bathroom, Bedroom And Even Your Workspace Bring The Joy Of The Outdoors In And Harness The Natural Healing Power Of PlantsFeatures Over Plants And Their Wellbeing Benefits, A Guide To Choosing Your Plants And Pots,Essential Care Instructions Indoor Plants Are So Easy To Look After , AndSimple Propagation Techniques To Share Your Plants With Friends

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    The Healing Power of Plants The Hero House Plants that Love You Back is a modern plant guide book which features over 80 indoor plants that will turn your house into a happy, healthy, healing home.This book has a very beautiful aesthetic, with lovely pastel pinks and greens that were really a pleasure to look at The book begins with a short introduction on

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    A simple book for anyone looking to get into houseplants Would have been better if there were pictures for every plant

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    Odk d ro liny to m j ma y bzik po wi cam im coraz wi cej czasu Co wi cej do mojego domu trafia coraz wi cej zielonych pi kno ci Nie kupuj jednak ro lin jak popadnie Podchodz do tego dosy rozs dnie i szukam ro lin do r nych k t w mieszkania pami taj c jednocze nie o ich potrzebach Mojej uwadze umkn fakt, e rosliny mog spe nia wiele r nych funkcji, o kt rych mo emy si

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    A little generic and some of the health claims seem doubtful at best I doubt that lithops will boost my brainpower or an asparagus fern will help me get well soon Outside of these weird categories, I did find some plants I hadn t heard of before, and a tip about getting fishbone cacti to bloom easier, so I did enjoy reading it I think plants provide benefits to people, bu

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    This felt like a new take on a type of book that is everywhere at the moment, withof a focus on what having plants in your space will do for you, rather than what you must do for them which always seems to just be do not overwater.

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    A handy book about houseplants I liked it because it wasn t too wordy, although I did have to spend some time googling images for some of the plants with no pictures My current copy is from the library but I will probably procure a copy for myself eventually.

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    Beautiful book although I might have likedpictures but a lot of the information felt contradictory to what I ve learned about plant care I d always recommend the New Plant Parent first Still enjoyed looking through this though.

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    Need to own

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    Very basic content, but visually appealing

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    A beautiful book packed full of information It serves as an excellent guide for various houseplants and their needs but also what would suit the individual and their home I read cover to cover but I am sure to go back to it for reference in the future.

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