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From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Loss, Food and Finding Home in the Sicilian Countryside A Poignant And Transporting Cross Cultural Love Story Set Against The Lush Backdrop Of The Sicilian Countryside, Where One Woman Discovers The Healing Powers Of Food, Family, And Unexpected Grace In Her Darkest HourIt Was Love At First Sight When Tembi Met Professional Chef, Saro, On A Street In Florence There Was Just One Problem Saro S Traditional Sicilian Family Did Not Approve Of Him Marrying A Black American Woman, An Actress No Less However, The Couple, Heartbroken But Undeterred, Forges On They Build A Happy Life In Los Angeles, With Fulfilling Careers, Deep Friendships And The Love Of Their Lives A Baby Girl They Adopt At Birth Eventually, They Reconcile With Saro S Family Just As He Faces A Formidable Cancer That Will Consume All Their Dreams From Scratch Chronicles Three Summers Tembi Spends In Sicily With Her Daughter, Zoela, As She Begins To Piece Together A Life Without Her Husband In His Tiny Hometown Hamlet Of Farmers Where Once Tembi Was Estranged From Saro S Family And His Origins, Now She Finds Solace And Nourishment Literally And Spiritually At Her Mother In Law S Table In The Sicilian Countryside, She Discovers The Healing Gifts Of Simple Fresh Food, The Embrace Of A Close Knit Community, And Timeless Traditions And Wisdom That Light A Path Forward All Along The Way She Reflects On Her And Saro S Incredible Romance An Indelible Love Story That Leaps Off The Pages In Sicily, It Is Said That Every Story Begins With A Marriage Or A Death In Tembi Locke S Case, It Is Both Her Story Is About Loss, But It S Really About Love Found Her Story Is About Travel, But It S Really About Finding A Home It Is About Food, But It S Really About Chasing Flavor As An Act Of Remembrance From Scratch Is For Anyone Who Has Dared To Reach For Big Love, Fought For What Mattered Most, And Needed A Powerful Reminder That Life Is Delicious

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    From the shores of California to an island in the Mediterranean, FROM SCRATCH is a rich, sensual reading experience Equal parts uplifting and devastating, it is a memoir of soul searching beauty As extraordinary and unique as Tembi L

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    My actual stars would be much lower but I feel it s unfair to judge a book just because it s a type of book I dislike It was beautifully written and full of description that makes you want to be there The issue is that I don t read books to ma

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    Beautiful writing and narration by the author I visited Sicily in May 2019 and the author s descriptions brought it all flooding back Sicily has everything, beautiful vistas, gorgeous beaches, amazing architecture, delicious food wine, wonderful charact

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    That morning I wanted nothingthan to know that it was possible for me to feel alive, fully alive again The half living of life after loss was shifting I wanted to be reminded of the bounty of life Oh this precious little book touched my heart I was tearing up at

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    I really wanted to like this, to connect with someone else who has felt grief, but it fell incredibly flat The way it was written, I wasn t able to connect with the characters, and there was no plot It was simply a sad woman who ate pasta I expected to follow their love st

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    From Scratch a Memoir This was an assignment from Reese W and Hello, Sunshine Good thing, too, because this is not one I would have picked up and read, given my own choosing algorithms But this was an interesting story, with all the happy accidents that result in real living as oppo

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    What a beautiful tribute to love in all its forms, even the love you still feel when you are mourning That love is its own kind of love, as true, as powerful, as life shaping as the kind you d easily been able to express before everything changed I loved especially these lines on p 176 throug

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    Probably would have given this book 2 stars, except that the writing really is beautiful It just wasn t what I expected This is a memoir about loss, period If that s what you re here for, then you will likely get a lot out of it, but it wasn t what I was hoping for at this particular moment in my life.

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    I wanted to love this book Sicily, food, culture, family, love but unfortunately I did not The story was too drawn out, too much forced drama There were parts that made me smile, other parts I rolled my eyes I wish I loved it I just didn t feel it.

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    The love story of Tembi and Saro is one of passion, commitment, and everlasting love Not since Paul Kalanithi s When Breath Becomes Air have I been so moved by a book. Tembi Locke conveys passion and sincerity which is deeply felt on each and every page It is articulate, vulnerable and full of symbolism I could not put th

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