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All the Wrong Moves This is a brutally beautifully honest memoir of the drama I never thought would be drama Chess addiction Thank you Sasha for every time I laughed aloud while sitting at the cafe reading this, hoping someone would realize how much fun I was having. Ebook All The Wrong Moves Sasha Chapin A Smart, Funny, And Slyly Profound Book About The Dark Ecstasies Of Obsessive Love Sasha Chapin Is A Gentlemanly Gonzo, A Dirty Bond, And He Writes Like A Dream Claudia Dey, Author Of HeartbreakerSasha Chapin Is A Victim Of Chess Like Countless Amateurs Before Him Albert Einstein, Humphrey Bogart, Marcel Duchamp The Game Has Consumed His Life And His Mind First Captivated By It As A Member Of His High School Chess Club, His Passion Was Rekindled During An Accidental Encounter With Chess Hustlers On The Streets Of Kathmandu In Its Aftermath, He Forgot How To Care About Anything Else He Played At All Hours, For Weeks At A Time Like A Spurned Lover, He Tried To Move On, But He Found The Game Seductive The He Resisted It.And So, He Thought, If He Can T Defeat His Obsession, He Had To Succumb To ItAll The Wrong Moves Traces Chapin S Rollicking Two Year Journey Around The Globe In Search Of Glory He Travels To Tournaments In Bangkok And Hyderabad He Seeks Out A Mentor In St Louis, A Grandmaster Whose Personality Is Half Rabbi And Half Monk, And Who Offers Cryptic Wisdom And Caustic Insults You Re The Best Player In Your Chair His Story Builds Toward The Los Angeles Open, Where Chapin Is Clearly Outmatched And Yet No Less Determined Not To Lose.Along The Way, He Chronicles The Highs And Lows Of His Fixation, Driven On This Quest By Lust, Terror, And The Elusive Possibility Of Victory Stylish, Inventive, And Laugh Out Loud Funny, All The Wrong Moves Is Than A Work Of History Or Autobiography It S A Celebration Of The Purity, Violence, And Beauty Of The Game. I read the entirety of this book in an afternoon I carried it around with me while I made tea, and took it into the bath, and curled up with it at night I dog eared a good 30% of the pages kept revisiting passages over and over again It s just one of those reads I was surprised by how funny it was And it s like really hard for a book to make me laugh Which made the ending all the poignant, when it sort of socked me in the guts with its profundity This book does that to you with ease It makes you laugh, it makes you question your own life choices, it makes you google words events, and then it casually, and unexpectedly hands you glistening gems of enlightenment in the form of strange, thoughtful, beautifully t All the Wrong Moves is a touching and brilliant portrait of masculinity Chapin writes with arresting honesty He humiliates himself in all the right ways His descriptions of chess and players are luminous and profound and hysterical He captures the manner in which none of us are truly in control of our personalities And we explain our idiocies and achievements in hindsight with a All the Wrong Moves is a sharp, clever, and meaningful story from an author who has exactly the right tools to tell it Chapin s account of his journey, compelling on its own, is broken up by asides that effortlessly blend knowledge with narrative These give the reader an inside look at the professional chess world and offer a robust history of the game.Luckily, Chapin s passion for chess is infectious, and you ll find yourself enthralled with the subject even if you d never played before When I finished reading, I ended up spending hours on getting my ass handed to me by players who were almost definitely twelve years old It wasn t until I was personally trounced by children that I realized how accurately Chapin describes the experience.From the outset, Chapin makes it clear that he s self aware enough to know that his deep dive into competitive international chess is a fool s errand, but bold e

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