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A Season of Ghosts It Is Said That If The Smell Of The Himalayas Creeps Into A Man S Blood, He Will Return To The Hills Again And Again, And Will Strive To Live Amongst Them Always Ruskin Bond, Master Storyteller And Connoisseur Of The Mysterious And Macabre, Shows How This Love May Persist To Death And Beyond The Stories In This Collection Are Set Amidst The Mists And Mellow Magic Of Bond S Beloved Mountains The Agents Of The Supernatural May Be Gentle Like The Fairy Folk In On Fairy Hill , Or Malevolent Like The Well Dressed Diners Of The Prize Humorous Like The Very Proper Witch, Miss Bellows, In The Black Cat , Or Tragic Like The Haunting Gulabi In Wilson S Bridge The Rakshasas Harks Back To Traditional Hill Spirits, While The Night Of The Millennium Poises Us Tantalizingly On The Brink Of The Future Bond Aficionados Will Meet Familiar Faces In Reunion At The Regal Rounding Off This Collection Is A Gripping Mystery, Who Killed The Rani , Which Is Evocative Of Life In Hill Stations Some Twenty Years Ago And Over All The Stories Looms The Benevolent Or Brooding Presence Of The Himalayas, Described With Bond S Inimitable Lyricism.

About the Author: Ruskin Bond

Ruskin Bond is an Indian author of British descent He is considered to be an icon among Indian writers and children s authors and a top novelist.He wrote his first novel, The Room on the Roof, when he was seventeen which won John Llewellyn Rhys Memorial Prize in 1957 Since then he has written several novellas, over 500 short stories, as well as various essays and poems, all of which have establi

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    When I was starting with this book, I knew that I was gearing to step into another world, similar to what I witnessed 10 years ago when I had been to Mussoorie, I did not find it creepy or spooky back then, the beauty of hills enthralled me, I can t describe the joy I felt by watching the clouds just a few feet away from me The feel of my benumbed hands and the smell of

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    A lovely book full of creepy, spine chilling and eerie ghost stories that took me to the mysterious woods of Mussoorie that is called home by Ruskin Bond s ghosts I would love to read it again and again and pass it on to my future generations.

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    I am scared of ghosts like you wouldn t believe I usually stay away from ghost stories movies Ruskin Bond, however has a different approach to the whole supernatural world His ghosts are not menacing, blood thirsty creatures from hell who are an embodiment of evil Instead, they sort of co exist with us humans and he meets some of them along the way It is a sweet and beautiful approach to

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    It is said that if the smell of the Himalayas creeps into a man s blood, he will return to the hills again and again, and will strive to live amongst them always Ruskin Bond, master storyteller and connoisseur of the mysterious and macabre, shows how this love may persist to death and beyond The stories in this collection are set amidst the mists and mellow magic of Bond s beloved mountains The ag

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    Stories that enchant, stories of the macabre, stories for all ages.It will take you many seasons to forget this book.

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    After a long time, I picked up Ruskin Bond again, and was doused in Nostalgia of reading the familiar style of Bond, and the magical way that he describes the mountains The picture that Bond paints in your head when you read it, is far better than the reality itself As far as the book goes, the stories are short, and refreshing These are absolute bedtime grandma stories, and are not on the scary side Bond s relatio

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    Books indeed find you and just at the nick of time I had bought this years ago but the book saw a different pair of hands probably before it fell into mine It s power to enchant minds never stops no matter how many times it s used Remarkable Well this might be way too romantic a sentiment but what can I do I just read a Ruskin Bond novel on the tales of Mussoorie Ah The illustrations for that s what the description is like

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    I wanted to read some simple yet fascinating story so I picked this book The title and cover page makes it look interesting Ruskin Bond, the master story teller again came with a compilation of various ghost stories hailing from his hometown.Please read full review on my blog book includes 10 ghost stories which belong to Mussoorie, a popular hill station in India Ruskin Bond effectively draws the beautiful picture of the hill stat

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    This book is a collection of 9 short stories and a novella Novella is not a ghost story but a mystery I really enjoyed the novella It is not so much about solving the crime or it is not that typical Butler did it story Talks about how extraordinary situations compel people to take drastic measures And delineates the fact that heroes need not always be James Bonds And the short stories range from mythical to poignant Ghost stories and poignan

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    I read this as a child, and it still remains one of my favorite re reads I especially loved the story featuring Ms Bellows and her black cat Even now I can recollect the verse she chanted as she whirred away on her broomstick With the darkness around me growing,And the wind behind my hat You will soon have trouble knowing,Which is witch and witch s cat Absolutely delightful read D

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