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Shark Bait Sam Fox Is On Vacation At The Great Barrier Reef, When He And A Young Japanese Tourist Are Swept Off A Coral Shelf By A Freak Wave Before They Know It, A Strong Current Has Pushed Them Out Into Open Water First, Sam Must Fight To Keep Himself And His New Friend From Drowning Then, As Night Falls Over The Inky Black Ocean, The Underwater Predators Start Moving In

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    This is my 9 year old son s book I picked it up to see what it was and suddenly it was two hours later and I was finished with the book I hadn t really planned on reading it It just happened and it completely sucked me in Each chapter ends with a cliff hanger that immediately makes the reader want to turn the page and keep going My son is a reluctant reader so I m hoping this one will keep him e

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    I would have to say Shark Bait by Justin D ath Sam Fox is an average boy in so many ways except one way, adventure Sam is always getting into strife throughout the whole Extreme Adventure series and this book, Shark Bait, it is nothing short of his biggest adventure yet He is having a wonderful day at the beach when a freak tsunami occurs sending him kilometres out to sea After being in shock he com

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Sometimes far fetched is just too far fetched even if, the writing is fluid and keeps the storyline from growing stagnate.My kids 12, 11, almost 9, and 7.5 years old respectively would rate this book a 5 however, as the mom, I can only manage a 3 star rating with this particular Extreme Adventure offering in mind Each book i

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    When i saw this book i though of it as another one in the series, that didn t draw much attention to me I figured why not, as i read deeper and deeper it drew me in I couldn t stop reading, as the images of the boys floating in the ocean with what menace is below them Each page was a adventure with twists and turns It was a great book if you are into the suspense of what happens next books.

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    A page turner, but not much else

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    it was a good book no it was not a good book it was a awesome book I love the story

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    This was a lot of fun Quick read and the kids loved it They want to readfrom the series.

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    One of my favourites in the very enjoyable Extreme Adventures series Crisp writing, constant cliffhangers, funny moments, and satisfying endings Whatcould you ask for in a kid s book

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    Shark Bait is another very exciting book in the Extreme Adventures series starring Sam Fox, an Austrian boy Sam never looks for troubletrouble just seems to find him This time, Sam must survive the night floating in the warm ocean waters with a young Japanese boy that doesn t speak or understand English They survive sharks, sea snakes, nearly drowning, and then end up battling animal poachers There is no way that I would want

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    This book is about a boy named sam fox, he is about 12 years old and he has a broken leg with plaster wrapped tightly around his leg.He is at the great barrier reef for a holiday He is on a reef with another kid named michi they are wading out in the shallows looking at sea life and creaturs When a freak wave comes and washes them both out off the reef sam fox is a good swimmmer but with his cast on he can barly swim, michi can t

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About the Author: Justin D'Ath

One of twelve children, Justin grew up on a farm in Otaki, New Zealand He wrote his first book, a ten page cartoon about his pet turtle, Bubble, when he was nine years old His next cartoon was about Moriarty, his guinea pig, and filled a complete exercise book When he was eleven, Justin began writing his first novel, but conked out after 35 pages.Justin D Ath is the author of over 30 books for children and young adults, including the hugely popular Extreme Adventures series Other books include Astrid Spark, Fixologist, The Skyflower, Robbie and the Dolphins, Infamous, and Why did the Chykkan cross the Galaxy Justin says My main message is, Enjoy reading