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The Prisoner of Zenda Anthony Hope S Swashbuckling Romance Transports His English Gentleman Hero, Rudolf Rassendyll, From A Comfortable Life In London To Fast Moving Adventures In Ruritania, A Mythical Land Steeped In Political Intrigue Rassendyll Bears A Striking Resemblance To Rudolf Elphberg Who Is About To Be Crowned King Of Ruritania When The Rival To The Throne, Black Michael Of Strelsau, Attempts To Seize Power By Imprisoning Elphberg In The Castle Of Zenda, Rassendyll Is Obliged To Impersonate The King To Uphold The Rightful Sovereignty And Ensure Political Stability Rassendyll Endures A Trial Of Strength In His Encounters With The Notorious Rupert Of Hentzau, And A Test Of A Different Sort As He Grows To Love The Princess Flavia Five Times Filmed, The Prisoner Of Zenda Has Been Deservedly Popular As A Classic Of Romance And Adventure Since Its Publication In 1894.

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    It was not an interesting read, though it seemed to be at first I started with some expectations but I soon realized I am going to be bored Yet I kept reading and did not stop till I finished the novel Now, my reactions about the book are not all positive The premise of the book, as seemed to me, was unrealistic but plausible But it was not this that upset me it was the shallo

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    The Prisoner of Zenda is one of those books I ve been meaning to read for about twenty years Over the Thanksgiving holiday I finally took the time to read this classic adventure written by Anthony Hope in 1894.The Prisoner of Zenda brings the fairy tale of Mark Twain s The Prince and the Pauper 1888 and Pudd nhead Wilson 1893 4 into the adventure genre for adults Anthony Hope s sto

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    Rereading this for the 400th time in prep for writing my own version for Riptide s Queered Classics series This time, I read it from the perspective that the narrator is a lying SOB It s amazing how well it lends itself to th...

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    Rudolf Rassendyll,an Englishman, takes a vacation to Ruritania, don t look on a map to find it,you won t.Set in the 1890 s.A new king, is to be crowned, in this Eastern European nation.Rudolf is curious to see his distant cousin,and look alike, Rudolf the Fifth a century old family affair, was the cause of this connection.The traveler ,decides to explore a Ruritanian forest, on foot.Getting

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    I was almost immediately reminded of The 39 Steps when I started this book Both open with a 1st Person account of the protagonist lacking occupation and being idle just before the action begins and both betray unpleasant attitudes, too Buchan s Hannay is much worse in this regard than Hope s Rudolf Hannay is racist, sexist, Imperialist, arrogant and frankly unlikeable Rudolf, however, makes one f

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    What a great story, a brief but epic adventure Perhaps some may be tempted to rate it lower because it is not the standard rose coloured fairytale, but I don t think that is fair The adventure is fun a monarchy, a feud, a capture, a farce and a fight, but it is the heroic romance which makes it truly great.Zenda shows the antithesis of Twilight s selfish, obsessive love There s a paragraph in my Twili

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    The Prisoner of Zenda is a fun little tale of adventure and derring do written at the turn of the century the 19th century, that is by Anthony Hope It is a well known tale There is danger to a famous personage in this case, the King of Ruritania and there just happens to be a distant cousin who looks exactly like him on the spot who can fill in and help out There have been many a book and many a film based

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    The Prisoner of Zenda is a classic story taking place in the fictional German state Ruritania a word which has come to be a generic term for small fictional country in Europe which saved the writer the trouble of too much research , so well known was Anthony Hope s story once I should probably state up front that I love fictional places countries, cities, stately homes, the occasional uninhabited island You nam

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