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Labyrinth July In The Pyrenees Mountains Near Carcassonne, Alice, A Volunteer At An Archaeological Dig, Stumbles Into A Cave And Makes A Startling Discovery Two Crumbling Skeletons, Strange Writings On The Walls, And The Pattern Of A Labyrinth Eight Hundred Years Earlier, On The Eve Of A Brutal Crusade That Will Rip Apart Southern France, A Young Woman Named Alais Is Given A Ring And A Mysterious Book For Safekeeping By Her Father The Book, He Says, Contains The Secret Of The True Grail, And The Ring, Inscribed With A Labyrinth, Will Identify A Guardian Of The Grail Now, As Crusading Armies Gather Outside The City Walls Of Carcassonne, It Will Take A Tremendous Sacrifice To Keep The Secret Of The Labyrinth Safe

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    As I was reading this I greatly disliked it at some times and was really into it at other times It was hard to get into, but overall I liked itthan not Mosse s writing made me cringe at times So much unnecessary description Who did her editing They should be ashamed And the passiveness of characters telling each other the story while the reader li

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    Book Review3.5 of 5 stars to Labyrinth, the first book in a three part series entitled Languedoc, written in 2005 by Kate Mosse I enjoyed this book Many people felt it was a bit boring and inconsistent It was one of the earlier books I read in the adventure genre, around the time I got hooked on the Da Vinci code book and series Ultimately, I love this genr

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    For a long time, The Da Vinci Code put me right off books about the Cathars or the Holy Grail, so I was hesitant to pick up Kate Mosse s book Still, I gave this book a chance, as I d been impressed with Kate Mosse s work as an interviewer on the BBC s Radio 4 I m glad that I read it This book focuses on the Cathars, a gnostic sect centered in the Pays d Oc, modern so

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    Oh the inner turmoil Did I enjoy Labyrinth by Kate Mosse or not Hold on what Kate Moss the supermodel lady has written a book No, Kate Mosse the author, not THE Kate Moss come on, keep up people.My two inner voices have clashed over this story and so I ve given this book a middling 3 out of 5 Here is what my chatty inner voices are bickering over LUMPEN ADVENTURE SEEKING BOOK

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    I ve read a lot of books on the Holy Grail in my time some may say an obsessive amount, I prefer to think of myself as thorough from Le Morte D Arthur to The Da Vinci Code and sadly this falls into the latter category The main difference between Kate Mosse and Dan Brown is that Kate appears to have done her research Her story s relationship to legend and even actual historical events is

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    This pulled at me and repulsed me simultaneously As a medievalist and amateur historian, I was addicted to learning how Mosse laid out this Grail fantasy She treats the Cathar subjects well, clearly having spent at least a few hours on Wikipedia researching the matter My repulsion was, however, centered on the regrettably mediocre writing Mosse relies on heavy exposition and tosses adjectives and

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    This was a bed time read the time when I will read things I otherwise may not In this case historical fiction in the guise of yet another yawn grail quest All these medieval storytellers Chretien de Troyes yes I do mean you have a lot to answer for This is split between early 13th century France at the time of the Cathars and France in 2005 the main protagonists being Alais in 1205 and Alice in 2005 Of cou

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    3.5, rounding up This was not my first time reading Labyrinth I remember having read it about ten years ago but couldn t recall any specifics about the story I do recall finishing it in the middle of the night and immediately turning to google to find outabout the book and its author, so it clearly made quite an impression on me After sitting on my shelf for some time, I decided it was time for a reread And I m happ

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    I read this book some time ago, and have recently been reminded of its sorry existence by the fact that a dramatisation is due to be screened in the not so distant future Personally, I am proud of having made to the end where so many others fallen in the effort The writing was diabolical, the plot completely over blown and all over the place, and the characters were pitifully one dimensional Although, I do think it takes a sp

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    2.5 stars From the start I had a love hate relationship with this book One minute I was excited the next I was bored out of my mind.Review athttps edwardsghostengine.wordpress 2.5 stars From the start I had a love hate relationship with this book One minute I was excited the next I was bored out of my mind.Review athttps edwardsghostengine.wordpress

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