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The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance 2 A Wonderful Variety Of Compellingly Original Vampire Stories, Many Of Them Wholly Unexpected, From Award Winning, New York Times Bestselling Authors There Are Typical Vampires Who Would Be Right At Home In A Horror Story Or A Gothic Romance Historical Vampires Contemporary, Gritty, Urban Vampires Fang In Cheek Comedy Boy Meets Girl Sweetheart Stories If A Little Bloodier And Erotic Tales Of Inhuman Passions And Midnight Pleasures Look Out, Too, For Stand Alone Stories Relating To Existing Series And Characters Of Contributing Authors, Or Stories Which Develop Fully Characters Who Have Only Walk On Parts In Those Authors Longer Fiction Includes Writing By Big Name Authors Such As Jennifer Ashley, Kim Harrison Writing As Dawn Cook, Caitlin Kittredge, Diane Whiteside And Eileen Wilks.

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    This review is only for the Demonica short story 3.5 by Larissa Ione Eternity Embraced This is the story of two demon hunters, Kaden and Andrea When Kaden is captured by vampires and he is turned into one, h

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    An I liked it for variety Lots of Little Bits Of Love With Just A Hint Of Fang, Editor Trisha Telep has done it again, she s used her connections and apparently her cyberstalking talents to amass another BIG batch of

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    Anthology I m kind of 90% over vampire books but there are a few authors that I love so I m going to pick and choose what I want to read I don t usually do this and try to give every story a try but like I said, I m kind of don

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    A collection of 25 short stories revolving around vampiric romances.Series Into the Mist Forever Vampire Series, 0.5 Butterfly Kiss blends Midnight Louie, x.5 AND Delilah Street, x.5 Eternity Embraced Demonica, 3.5 Crimson Kisses Texas V

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    Some stories in this book I really enjoyed Others, I couldn t even finish Several authors had bad grammar and even worse spelling Some stories were very outrageous I tend to be a traditional vampire fan So reading about a vampire tv station and ga

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    Note that this review if only for Larissa Ione s Eternity Embraced and Jaye Wells Vampsploitation.I only got this book for the sole purpose of reading these two short stories and even though I don t usually buy anthologies, I m glad I have my own copies of

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    This review is only for Larissa Ione s short Eternity EmbracedThis short visits an Aegi guardian, Andrea, as she faced the task to kill his lover, Kaden, who has been turned into vampire Since it is short, I feel it lacks the twist and tur...

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    1 Vampsploitation Vampsploitation is a prequel short story to the Sabina Kane series.I read it in the Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance 2 Love Bites anthology.This story is about Sabina s first kill after she gets out of assassin school It also starts her relationship with her p

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    If find with the anthology books I only read the stories from authors I already read as most are continuations of series This one was half and half with the ones I read The stories were ok, but wouldn t have bothered me to miss them.

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    Loved the one by Caitlin Kittredge Love vampire cowboys

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