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Michael Freeman's Perfect Exposure: The Professional's Guide to Capturing Perfect Digital Photographs Clear, Direct And Guaranteed, The Perfect Exposure Method Looks At The Way Professionals Work, And Lays Out The Decisions And Sequences With Absolute Clarity, While Incorporating The Latest, Powerful Post Processing Techniques Choosing The Exposure For A Photograph Is Infinitely Complex And One Of Photography S Most Absorbing Paradoxes Because It Affects Everything In The Image And Its Effect On The Viewer Understanding How And Why Exposure Works Is Essential, Not Only Because It Helps You To Decide What Is Instinctively Right, But This Book Will Give You Confidence In That Decision An Invaluable Skill For Every Single Photographer Full Of Beautiful Photographs Taken By Michael Freeman, This Book Will Arm You With The Tools You Need For Perfect Exposure Of Your PhotographsMichael Freeman Is The Author Of The Global Bestseller, The Photographer S Eye Now Published In Sixteen Languages, The Photographer S Eye Continues To Speak To Photographers Everywhere Reaching , Copies In Print In The US Alone, And , Worldwide, It Shows How Anyone Can Develop The Ability To See And Shoot Great Digital Photographs

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    I am a nature photographer who uses my camera to engage Nature and to portray my perceptions This review applies to all of Michael Freeman s books These are NOT books about cameras They are books about perceiving an image or scene and conveying and composing your perception so that it is communicated to the viewer I carry these books with me in my camper during my summer forays into Nature The are an invalu

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    This is the first photography book I ve read that made me rethink the way I take pictures The insights are enlightening.I shoot my dog specifically and she s half black and half white This makes everything a lot harder Now when I take photos I m scanning the image and observing the exposure It s really helped the way I take photos.I wouldn t recommend it for someone who s starting out with photography The book has a

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    If you want to get the most out of this book, don t read it as your first one about photography.I m sure that I wouldn t have enjoyed it so much This book helped me connecting the dots between everything I knew about exposure.

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    The best book on Photography I ve ever read Incredibly in depth and detailed look at exposure techniques and style that reveal aspects of Photography I never even knew existed.

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    Basic treatment of the exposure triangle and how each component affects your shot More of a beginner s book.

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    Excellent job in sticking to the title By slowly reading and enjoying, I probably tripped myself up over every error the editors introduced I see other reviews say technical only I will add it is explained in words or graphs never with equations so the material remains accessible A reader with a less technical outlook or interest might review the exposure guide for background before this book.On rereading Three things stand out 1 Reminder of post processin

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    This is good but VERY technical I don t think this would be a good book for a beginner at all A better book for beginners is Exposure From Snapshots to Great Shots by Jeff Revell I ve been taking pictures for about 40 years, and I m a photograph student, but I found this dense and hard to follow at times I ve liked other books by Micheal Freeman, but this is far from his best He uses terms from the start without explaining them Only pick this up if you are aadvanced

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    I tend to be lazy with exposure, hoping to fix or blend things later in processing This book is a great rundown of situations and breakdowns to help you start thinking about and controlling exposure earlier in the process, which is really the only way you re going to get consistent results Things don t always click for me until I m actually practicing them, camera in hand, but this is a good study to read up on and plan for different lighting situations.

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    I will make this short and simple until I write the professional review.If you are a serious photographer in the early 21st Century, you need to read and or own this work As important to modern photographer as any system that has been promulgated There are significant differences in what happens with a digital camera opposed to film and Freeman lays out the details in one work better than anything publicly available to date.

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    An excellent resource for anybody with a serious interest in photography The writer explains how to achieve the best possible exposures in the field, all the while recognizing that current digital photography techniques go hand in hand with post processing Each topic is thoroughly and beautifully illustrated with real examples.

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