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Swordspoint (Riverside, #1) The Classic Forerunner To The Fall Of The Kings Now With Three Bonus Stories Hailed By Critics As A Bravura Performance Locus And Witty, Sharp Eyed, And Full Of Interesting People Newsday , This Classic Melodrama Of Manners, Filled With Remarkable Plot Twists And Unexpected Humor, Takes Fantasy To An Unprecedented Level Of Elegant Writing And Scintillating Wit Award Winning Author Ellen Kushner Has Created A World Of Unforgettable Characters Whose Political Ambitions, Passionate Love Affairs, And Age Old Rivalries Collide With Deadly Results.SwordspointOn The Treacherous Streets Of Riverside, A Man Lives And Dies By The Sword Even The Nobles On The Hill Turn To Duels To Settle Their Disputes Within This Elite, Dangerous World, Richard St Vier Is The Undisputed Master, As Skilled As He Is Ruthless Until A Death By The Sword Is Met With Outrage Instead Of Awe, And The City Discovers That The Line Between Hero And Villain Can Be Altered In The Blink Of An Eye.

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    I read very little of this book While it is well written I say this in respect to those who like it greatly it is not a book I care to get involved in The world while well crafted is one that creeps toward debauchery and

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    First, I should point out that the audiobook of this novel is a fantastic treat, including multiple voices including the author, herself, but also ambient sounds such as background conversations and even a cat Music, too But don t

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    my goodness, but this was fun.by the time I started worrying that the twisty subterfuge would drain the story of momentum I looked up and realized I d practically inhaled this badboy to the 70 percent mark and then some shit went down and m

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    I picked this up for a couple of euro in one of my favourite second hand bookshops because I d heard it recommended numerous times on my flist Cheesy fantasy novel cover aside as a side note, exactly why must the covers of 99% of fantasy books be so

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    Ellen Kushner s first novel sets the standard for what a polite fantasy of manners and romance should be Like Jane Austen, Ms Kushner s language sparkles with wit and verve She creates a world both familiar and yet not like anyplace we ve ever been and inhabit

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    Hahahahaha wow Man I don t even know what to say about this Okay basic run down this book s got two primary narrators Richard St Vier and Michael Godwin Everyone wants a piece of St Vier because he s the most badass swordsman ever to exist and apparently stabbing people

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    Nunca m s le hago caso a una recomendaci n de George R.R Martin.Esta es la historia de Richard de Vier, una suerte de mercenario que trabaja de batirse a duelo con espadas en nombre de la persona que lo contrata No tiene escr pulos en matar a su contrincante si la situaci n lo am

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    Tiresome Tedious Repetitive Populated with interchangeable, unlikable cardboard cut out characters The dialogue is endlessly crammed with discussions of fashion and parties and clothes and status seeking The action sequences either occur off stage or crawl by at a snail s pace, and despite

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    Gorgeous and memorable book There s not a lot that I can add that hasn t been said I read it about the time I was discovering LGBTQ characters in spec fiction, and I remember wishing that everything could be like this.

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    I read this book years ago when I was an impressionable Mormon closet case, and I remember being intrigued and disturbed at the time by Kushner s depiction of lust, bisexuality and homosexual relationships When I reread it today I rediscovered its brilliance, intricacy and poignancy The relationship between t

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