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Life is a Dream Life Is A Dream Is Gyula Krudy S Magical Collection Of Ten Short Stories Creating A World Where Editors Shoot Themselves After A Hard Day S Brunching, Men Attend Duels Incognito And Lovers Fall Out Over Salad Dressing, Life Is A Dream Is A Comic, Nostalgic, Romantic And Erotic Glimpse Into The Hungary Of The Early Twentieth Century Focussing On The Poor And Dispossessed, These Tales Of Love, Food, Death And Sex Are Ironic And Wise About The Human Condition And The Futility Of Life, And Display Fully Krudy S Wit And Mastery Of The Form

About the Author: Gyula Krúdy

Gyula Kr dy was a Hungarian writer and journalist.Gyula Kr dy was born in Ny regyh za, Hungary His father was a lawyer and his mother was a maid working for the aristocratic Kr dy family His parents did not marry until Gyula was 17 years old In his teens, Gyula published newspaper pieces and began writing short stories Although his father wanted him to become a lawyer, Gyula worked as an editor at a newspaper for several years, then moved to Budapest He was disinherited, but supported his wife also a writer and children through the publication of two collections of short stories Sinbad s Youth, published in 1911, proved a success, and Krudy used the character, a man who shared the name of the hero of the Arabian Nights, many times throughout his career.Kr dy s novels about Budapest were popular during the First World War and the Hungarian Revolution, but he was often broke due to excessive drinking, gambling and philandering His first marriage fell apart In the late 1920s and early 1930s, Kr dy s health declined and his readership dwindled In the years after his death, his works were largely forgotten until 1940, when Hungarian novelist S ndor M rai published Sinbad Comes Home, a fictionalized account of Kr dy s last day This book s success brought Kr dy s works back to the Hungarian public.He was called a Hungarian Proust by critic Charles Champlin in The New York Times.

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    i have been reading penguin books in general, and penguin classics in particular for decades,and have rarely been disappointed i was with this book, however.this book is one of their central european classics, which were published last year i think they only put out ten titles and that is it.this book was sort of cobbled together by krudy and won a literary prize in hungary in 1931 it

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    The fact that Deszo Kosztolanyi nominated him for the Hungarian PEN Club should give you indication that you re dealing with an extremely talented writer here Having spent the last year completely immersed in Hungarian literature I ve come to the understanding that good writer in Hungary means many things It means you re a REALLY good writer, you are unknown otherwise, you are not an aloof aca

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    Life is a Dream is a collection of 10 short stories about Hungarian culture, taverns and eating lots of eating Life is not necessarily always a dream, though By story, here is what life is about Last Cigar at the Grey Arabian an impending dual, a meal and a cigar.The Journalist and Death an impending dual and nerves and some eating too The Waiter s Nightmare a man who cannot stop eatingThe Landlady, or

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    If you re reading Krudy for the first time and deciding between Sunflower or this book of short stories, go for Sunflower This collection of short stories leaves something to be desired It lacks the kind of dreamy and descriptive voice that hypnotized me in Sunflower Out of all the stories the most Krudyesque passages were the ones about old Taban in The Green Ace I found myself highlighting several long chunks

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    It s cabbage everywhere Entire stories entirely about cabbage It turns out that Krudy is utterly fixated with food, and not just cabbage Every single story describes at least one meal in as seductive a manner as he can come up with, and in some cases the stories themselves are just a mere vehicle for descriptions of food It would have driven me utterly mad with longing, except that Krudy was describing Hungarian delicac

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    In Krudy s stories, the divide between the dead and living seems to be almost in name or label only dead men carry on affairs, living people spend all their time eating and drinking in taverns Nothing separates them some are just dead, some are not Yes, there is a lot of eating in this collection, and yes, it can feel repetitive But there are some standout stories, as well as a quality of writing throughout, lusty and lyrical, f

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    For a relatively short book, this took me a very long time to read It comprises ten short stories that the destitute Hungarian author selected from his own works in order to have something to submit for a prize he d been told he had athan good chance of winning which he did, apparently, but the prize money was shared and distributed over two years and he had to make a contribution to the poor out of it Krudy writes about situations from

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    Sorry, but this was one of those really abstract, fantastical compilations I didn t understand, though I would think that the author loves food, in particular fine dining a lot, because a lot of the stories involve very elaborate descriptions of hearty Eastern European food in particular meats, stews and soups.I completely was lost for this book And it didn t help that I waited for this book a long time, even failing to get it once when I went to

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    Life is a Dream, apparently the last book of Krudy s published in his lifetime, is a bit of a letdown after Sindbad and Sunflower We have lots of description of people eating and drinking and preparing food cabbage, marrow, sour lungs, noodle soup, etc , but not so much the insight into our dreams, desires, and wickedness that Krudy displayed in his other books, nor the fantastical prose excursions they engendered There are still hilarious descriptions of

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    Short stories, many of which can t really be called stories , examining the lives of working Hungarians through the food they are served and eat The proliferation of broths, marrow bones and sour lungs give the collection a really earthy feeling, with many pieces not resolving and the imminent and sometimes actual presence of death giving the book a dreamy quality Ten stories do give a feeling of being a bit samey , with the longer The Green Ace particularly meand

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