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Quinn, the Rottweiler I won this book via Goodreads First Reads Giveaway I received a paperback copy. Quinn, the Rottweiler A Story of a Dog Dealing with Cancer is a charming little book about a beautiful canine The story is told from Quinn the dog s perspective and is a nice, feel good tale in parts at least when you consider Quinn enjoying his new and happy life with Maryly Turner and her pets Quinn was originally named Chong and was forced to live outside or in a shed and was regularly chained up But once he was adopted by Turner after his previous owner could no longer care for him his life took a turn for the better The story of Quinn leapt off the page You could imagine this dog with a big smile on his face and wagging his tail as he enjoyed meeting new people and animals and sleeping on a warm bed, eating treats and going for rides in the car It is sad that Maryly who was recovering from cancer treatment at the time would discover a lump on Quinn s foot that would prove c A must read to any Rottie or even dog lover A heart felt true story of one owner s battle with losing her beloved companion As a Rottie owner for over 20 years myself, I could relate to every detail, every word, in this book as I have lost three to bone cancer OSC. I won this book in a giveway was ask to give an honest review in return so here it is..I really love the way Maryly Turner wrote this from the perspective of Quinn, the rottweiler allowing him to share his story with us The story begins at Quinn s previous home where he lived with his papa at 8 years old, he had spent his life chained up, sleeping on a tattered blanket in an old shed Apparently, his papa was getting too old to care for him any longer, and though he was chained slept in a shed, I don t necessarily believe he was intentionally abused mistreated It sounds as though papa his family used to play with talk with Quinn but the children grew up papa got older leaving Quinn basically alone on a chain Sadly, many people truly believe chaining a dog outside giving them some food place to sleep is all they need for basic survival, maybe, for a healthy, meaningful life they what we need.love, companions, comfort, loyalty, gentleness, understanding Papa had named him Chong as one of his siblings was named Cheech this was hurtful to him as everyone laughed at his name not so sure this was really a issue for Quinn but we all pick a name we feel is fitting for our fur babies Quinn loves his new home, his Mom, and his new dog family, Rosey Ernie though it takes time for Lillie, the cat, to warm up to Quinn as she had a bad experience with another rottweiler Quinn loves not being on a chain, run I loved this little book I fell in love with Quinn, the eponymous canine narrator, and take my hat off to the wonderful lady who adopted him and subsequently wrote this book. I can t say enough about this book It was excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed it For anyone who loves animals and has lost their pet this book is for you The author has written this book from Quinn s perspective All dialogue is from Quinn how he feels about his new MOM the other two dogs in the household, plus the cat and when he is diagnosed with cancer, his trips to the Vet Clinic and how he interacts This was a very good book to read from the dogs perspective It kind of hit close to home as I had a Pit Bull who died from cancer last year I received this book through Goodreads Giveaway. Written from Quinn the Rottweiler s perspective very charming Young adult definitely This was the most amazing book I think it is a must read for anyone who has a dog, had a dog or even themself dealing with cancer should read. Read Quinn, The Rottweiler By Maryly Turner Jobs In Kingston.co.uk Returning Home, Exhausted And Empty Handed From A Day Trip To The Sacramento SPCA, She Was Leafing Through Her Local Paper, When Her Eye Lit Upon This Ad ADULT MALE ROTTWEILER FREE TO A GOOD HOME The Last Year Had Been A Crummy One For Her She Had To Put Down Her Last Rottweiler She Had Undergone Chemotherapy For Breast Cancer And Had Been Missing The Companionship Of A Rottie For The Last Twenty Five Years, There Had Always Been One In Her Life A Year Had Gone By Since She Had Put The Last One Down, And At The Same Time Finished Her Chemo Treatments This Was Not The Kind Of Ad She Saw Everyday And She Felt That This Was A Special Message To Her I Will Call First Thing In The Morning, She Thought This Is The Beginning Of Quinn S Story, A Truly Remarkable Dog, Who Changed Her Life As Much As She Changed His He Became Part Of A New Family And Met Many, Many New People Who Became Part Of His Life He Faced An Enormous Challenge Through Which He Both Taught And Learned The Meaning Of Love And Trust This Story Will Appeal To Anyone Who Has Ever Loved A Dog.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Quinn, the Rottweiler book, this is one of the most wanted Maryly Turner author readers around the world.

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