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The Young Girls Handbook of Good Manners for Use in Educational Establishments Read The Young Girls Handbook Of Good Manners For Use In Educational Establishments By Pierre Lou S Polishdarling.co.uk A Bestselling Author In His Time, Pierre Lou S 1870 1925 Was A Friend Of, And Influence On, Andr Gide, Paul Val Ry, Oscar Wilde And Stephane Mallarm Among Others He Achieved Instant Notoriety With Aphrodite And The Songs Of Bilitis, But It Was Only After His Death That Lou S True Legacy Was To Be Discovered Nearly 900 Pounds Of Erotic Manuscripts Were Found In His Home, All Of Them Immediately Scattered Among Collectors And Many Subsequently Lost Since Then, It Has Become Clear That Lou S Is The Greatest French Writer Of Erotica There Ever Was The Young Girl S Handbook Of Good Manners Was The First Of His Erotic Manuscripts To See Publication, And It Also Remains His Most Outrageous An Erotic Classic In Which Humor Takes Precedence Over Arousal By Means Of Shockingly Filthy Advice Ostensibly Offered For Use In Educational Establishments Couched In A Hilariously Parodic Admonitory Tone, Lou S Turns Late Nineteenth Century Manners Roundly On Their Head, With Ass Prominently Skyward Whether Offering Rules For Etiquette In Church, School Or Home, Or Outlining A Girl S Duties Toward Family, Neighbor Or God, Lou S Manages To Mock Every Institution And Leave No Taboo Unsullied The Young Girl S Handbook Of Good Manners Has Only Grown Scandalous And Subversive Since Its First Appearance In 1926.

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    I have an embarrassing confession to make When Karen sent me this book I thought she was trying to tell me I was rude I got a little sad because I try not to be rude, but maybe I am rude sometimes My good friend Kim told me it was probably because I stuck my hand in Karen s cr me brul e when we were having dinner in New York City this past March A

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    Lido pela segunda vez trinta anos depois da primeira j n o o achei t o indecente, embora o continue a ser N o , de forma alguma, leitura para meninasDa sinopseLou s, um dos grandes vultos da literatura francesa do per odo simbolista, tem, ao lado duma obra branca, publicada em vida, uma outra a que poderemos chamar, por contraste, negra, toda ...

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    welcome to christmas Today has been productive I reread the silly philosophy book this morning, I went to see a movie that got terrible reviews, then I read this book while I worked out I ve been worried about not reading a hundred books this year and recently Karen recommended this to me She says it is hard to know what I like but she does such a good job this book

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    Seringa mixed with shallots Three cheers for the wonderful new publishing house Wakefield Press A long overdue translation of one of the most notorious works of French fin de siecle smut Geoffrey Longnecker s take is a bit cruder than John Harman s excerpts in The Book of Masks If a modest lady tells you My son doesn t work as hard as your brother, do not r...

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    filthy and funny as fuck

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    Es gracioso

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    Antiburgu s y decadente, como corresponde Publicado en 1917, hay muchos consejos de urbanidad para se oritas que tienen absoluta vigencia sobre todo los relacionados a los deberes filiales Copio dos de los m s inocentes Si usted sabe que su madre espera a su amante en casa, no se esconda bajo la cama para gritar Sorpresa Soy yo , mientras la saborea en su boca Podr a atragantarse.No escoja, tampoco, ese mo

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    Irreverent Handful of catch you off guard hilarities but several bombs as well.

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    s n o dou nota total porque at eu, que sou um po o de putaria fiquei constrangido

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    Some neat tips and advice

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