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Tender at the Bone: Growing Up at the Table NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERFor Better Or Worse, Almost All Of Us Grow Up At The Table It Is In This Setting That Ruth Reichl S Brilliantly Written Memoir Takes Its Form For, At A Very Early Age, Reichl Discovered That Food Could Be A Way Of Making Sense Of The World If You Watched People As They Ate, You Could Find Out Who They Were Tender At The Bone Is The Story Of A Life Determined, Enhanced, And Defined In Equal Measure By Unforgettable People, The Love Of Tales Well Told, And A Passion For Food In Other Words, The Stuff Of The Best Literature The Journey Begins With Reichl S Mother, The Notorious Food Poisoner Known For Ever As The Queen Of Mold, And Moves On To The Fabled Mrs Peavey, Onetime Balti Socialite Millionaress, Who, For A Brief But Poignant Moment, Was Retained As The Reichls Maid Then We Are Introduced To Monsieur Du Croix, The Gourmand, Who So Understood And Yet Was Awed By This Prodigious Child At His Dinner Table That When He Introduced Ruth To The Souffl , He Could Only Exclaim, What A Pleasure To Watch A Child Eat Her First Souffl Then, Fast Forward To The Politically Correct Table Set In Berkeley In The S, And The Food Revolution That Ruth Watched And Participated In As Organic Became The Norm But This Sampling Doesn T Do This Character Rich Book Justice After All, This Is Just A TasteTender At The Bone Is A Remembrance Of Ruth Reichl S Childhood Into Young Adulthood, Redolent With The Atmosphere, Good Humor, And Angst Of A Sensualist Coming Of AgeNUS This Edition Includes An Excerpt From Ruth Reichl S Delicious

About the Author: Ruth Reichl

Ruth Reichl is an American food writer, the editor in chief of Gourmet magazine and culinary editor for the Modern Library.Born to parents Ernst and Miriam n e Brudno , she was raised in New York City and spent time at a boarding school in Montreal She attended the University of Michigan, where she met her first husband, the artist Douglas Hollis She graduated in 1970 with a M.A in art history.

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    I wuv you, Ruthie The wannabe Bohemian in me avoids national bestsellers I refuse to be classified as a lemming I ve come to find out that most the time, if a lot of people agree that something is worth readingit usually is Tender at the Bone Growing Up at the Table is one of these books It was a delectible read, so

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    Having thoroughly enjoyed Garlic and Sapphires, I was thrilled to find this first of Reichl s memoirs on the 2 for 3 table at Barnes Noble.In the preface, Reichl admits to modifying certain stories for dramatic effect But unless she s made entire years out of whole cloth, she s lived one hell of an interesting life Throughou

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    The culinary memoirs I ve read prior to this one have been written by a different sort of chef Julia Child, Jacques P pin, Marcus Samuelsson With that kind of background, it s probably not too surprising that I feel let down by Reichl s first memoir The beginnings of both the book and her life were pretty good Interesting, fun, funny

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    Charming and amusing account of how food critic Reichl got tuned into cooking through her family experiences and explorations in her young adult period Her manic depressive mother was hopeless as a cook, even dangerous, as when she wasn t using canned ingredients, she used bargain foods dangerously past their expiration dates Instead, her ins

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    I like reading challenges because, every now and then, you get lucky and you stumble on something you would never read otherwise This book is the perfect example, if you, like me, thought that food memoirs would be boring and uninspiring, try this book It s a delicious memoirs sprinkled with exquisite travel memories and a handful of recipes What an u

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    I m not normally a big fan of books about food They always leave me cursing my limited culinary abilities and hungry for foods that are far outside of my price range, not to mention excluded by various personal dietary choices I likely never would have picked up anything by Ruth Reichl had I not found myself uncharacteristically bookless while lounging in the

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    I really enjoy reading about food and Ruth Reichl never disappoints Though not so much about food as other books I have read, butof a story of her life and how food played a role in it I enjoyed the different recipes that she added to the book and have marked a few to make for my husband I always find recipes interesting and enjoy them evenwhen there is a story that co

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    I had a whole review written and ready to be posted when I accidentally trashed it Grrr Just let it be known, Reichl is one of my all time favorite food writers She could write the telephone book and it would be wonderful

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    This is a memoir built around food and as Reichl put it, she decided that instead of pictures she d give recipes throughout to paint a picture of her relationships The Author s Note tells us, Everything here is true, but it may not be entirely factual In some cases I have compressed events in others I have made two people into one I have occasionally embroidered That sort of thing usual

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    This was a really well written food memoir from a time when food memoirs weren t really a thing I felt it was a bit of a cross between Fun Home by Alison Bechdel and Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel for the family antics mixed with recipes from the narration I didn t really know anything about the author, so I found the bits about her family or personally lifeinteresting than how she w

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