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The Death of King Arthur The Death Of King Arthur Download Author Peter Ackroyd Jobs In Kingston.co.uk An Immortal Story Of Love, Adventure, Chivalry, Treachery And Death Brought To New Life For Our Times The Legend Of King Arthur Has Retained Its Appeal And Popularity Through The Ages Mordred S Treason, The Knightly Exploits Of Tristan, Lancelot S Fatally Divided Loyalties And His Love For Guenever, The Quest For The Holy Grail.

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    I wanted so much to enjoy this book I hesitate to say love this book , because I m not an Ackroyd fan, but the subject matter here I am a die hard Arthur groupie should have made this an easy win.However I found Ackroyd s retelling flatfooted, emotionless, and barren Stripped back prose I might have admired, but here we get stripped back storytelling.The King Arthur story has been a ma

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    This was my first sally forth into the Arthurian legend and it was absorbing, surprising, and absolutely lovable This is a very different picture of Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table than I got from Disney s The Sword and the Stone For one thing, it is much, much darker Arthur is a very Oedipal character, going to extreme lengths e.g drowning a shipful of infants to avoid Merlin s p

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    Peter Ackroyd s retelling of Malory s tales purports to be a modernisation, a revivification, even I don t think it really achieves its goals Flawed as Malory s work is, to the modern reader at least, I think there s a passion there and a meaning that slips through Ackroyd s fingers He cuts liberally from the text, so that it certainly doesn t hold the richness of Malory if you re looking for so

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    Mucho mejor que la versi n de Lang Me faltar a leer el original de Malory Le Morte d Arthur King Arthur and the Legends of the Round Table , despu s ir m s atr s, y animarme con los romances de Chr tien de Troyes Alg n d a

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    I ve been a huge fan of the Arthurian legends since childhood, I read Malory s Morte d Arthur till it literately fell apart I m also a fan of Peter Ackroyd his books on London, Dickens and Blake are memorable in bringing their subjects so vividly to life so The Death of King Arthur was doubly disappointing to me Malory s stories are already so well known, I was expecting an imaginative, inventive re telli

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    Not so much a retelling of the Arthurian legends,a new translation and abridgement Ackroyd has taken Malory s text and retold it in the modern idiom, along the way removing much of the contradictions and superfluous descriptions of battles that clog up the original text However by doing so he has lost some of the poetry of the language To be honest the first part of the book is a bit of a slog and it is only..

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    Does the world need a new retelling of the Arthurian saga Particularly one that, and forgive me for this, feels so dumbed down I have read many of Ackroyd s non fiction books and I have always been very impressed with him as a writer, but I couldn t help but be disappointed with this It smacks of those modern revisions of the Bible, where it may beaccessible and how I hate that word in connection with literature bu

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    This retelling is a decent translation and badly needed abridgement of Mallory s Morte d Arthur.Which is both its strength and its weakness The Arthurian material is wonderful Mallory is perhaps the most inept storyteller in English literature He sure ain t Chaucer If you really love the Arthurian stories, read Gottfried von Strassburg, Chretien de Troyes, or any of dozens of others who have told these tales Even T H Wh

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    I can t count myself in the ranks of fans for King Arthur stories They should be exciting or adventurous even though I have never read the originals , but instead they seemed rendered dull by this version This thing is over 300 pages the plot line pretty much repeats every three pages or so I guess that makes it about 100 times I read a similar scenario over over over It becomes rather mind numbi...

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    I read this because I love the Arthurian legends and thought this would beaccessible than the original text It was, but it also felt a little flat and repetitive I ve read muchexciting and interesting interpretations of King Arthur s story.

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